You can now ask your Google Home for flight prices


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Google Home wants to help record your next flight. You can now find flights and track their pricing immediately with your expres via the connected speaker.

Google announced the facet on Wednesday. Supposing something like “OK Google, how much are flights to Mumbai? ” will start moving best available flight premiums for that route. The Assistant will respond with some price information materials and ask you if “youve had” dates in mind.

You can opt in to moving premiums for the cheapest flights at which point you’ll receive email proof and can then control your tracked flights through Google Flights. You will then continue to receive email updates from Google flights.

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The feature is a nice touch if you often find yourself at home, amazing how much a flight payments but don’t feel like examining your telephone. However, Google Home’s core functionality still has some breaches. For instance, the design cannot add reminders or contests to your docket. Ask Google home to remind you to do something, and it will tell you that it doesn’t patronage reminders yet.

Home has had other issues. Before even ramping up basic functionality, Google has begun introducing sponsored content like ads for Beauty and the Beast that the company insisted were not ads but a “tale” from the sponsors of the draft resolution. The corporation also recently switched Home’s shopping-list function from Google Keep to the Home app, and added propels to Google Express at the same term( see note below ).

Flight info is a accepted facet, but Google Home might have better prosperity luring customers if it computes features that Google’s audience applies every day.

Update 4/12/ 17, 3:13 p.m. ET :< em> Google articulates Home’s shopping list doesn’t have ads it simply allows people to tell off of their register, beginning with the Google Express brokers .

Correction 5:06 p.m. ET :< em> An earlier form of this story said here facet was already part of Google Assistant on phones. It was not, but it may have been available in beta versions of the application .

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