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Image caption Shanay Walker was described as a “lively, bubbly” youth

Teachers and social charge staff did not show fairly “professional curiosity” in a girl who died after years of corruption by her aunt, a serious instance evaluate said.

Shanay Walker, 7, died from a intelligence harm at a house in Nottingham in July 2014 while in Kay-Ann Morris’s care.

Morris was later cleared of assassination after a inquiry at the city’s crown courtroom but jailed for child cruelty along with Shanay’s grandmother, Juanila Smikle.

The review resolved Morris had “deceived countless professionals”.

Shanay was placed under her aunt’s care in 2012 after her mother, Leanne Walker, sustained post-natal depression.

The report found in the two years leading up to her death, bruising and harms sustained by the child were clarified apart by her aunt as incidental or research results of self-harm.

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Image caption Kay-Ann Morris and Juanila Smikle were found guilty in 2015 of cruelty to Shanay

It echoed a coroner’s commentary of Southglade Primary School’s child safeguarding arrangings, describing them as “chaotic” and “at times unclear”.

Early very concerned about harms and bruising reported by teachers and assistants were held in handwritten records by the auxiliary manager but were destroyed when a new structure was introduced.

‘Uncritical acceptance’

There was also “considerable tension” within the school’s safeguarding unit and staff members were left find “confused” after being reorganised, the report said.

The same time Shanay was treated in infirmary for a sunburn to her leg, which her aunt pronounced was caused by her deliberately standing in front of a heater.

The report criticised medical staff for their “uncritical acceptance” of Morris’s account and failure to reflect on the likelihood of a six-year-old girl engaging in this type of behaviour.

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Image caption Shanay’s mother Leanne Walker sustained post-natal feeling after the other pregnancy

Chris Cook, chair of the Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Board, pronounced: “Whilst professionals definitely had Shanay’s well-being at heart, with potential benefits of hindsight it is clear they could have exposed more professional interest about issues and incidents which rose.

“However, as the coroner acknowledged, it remains the instance that they could not have predicted the sad outcome for Shanay.

“We have made recommendations to address issues around identifying and reacting to possible self-harm and non-accidental harms among children, reacting appropriately to other health issues and ensuring that the role of academies in safeguarding infants is recognised and are incorporated into multi-agency practice.”

“We are satisfied that appropriate changes is currently in the process or have been implemented and that all agencies would now be more focused on how their collective activities wallop and benefit the child.”

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