Seriously?! Officer Appears To Stomp On Handcuffed Suspects Head

The suspect was lying handcuff on the ground, held down by one police officer, when another man feed up and appears to be stomp on his head. A passerby captivated the shaking situation on video, leading to public protest even from the mayor.

The incident occurred in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday. Merely two weeks earlier, the white-hot man with the heavy pace had managed to avoid bills related to fatally filming a pitch-black soldier in 2016, local 10 Tv News reported .

Columbus Officer Zachary Rosen was responding to each of these reports of a discharged firearm this past weekend when video recorded his use ofwhat appears to be unreasonable make on the self-controlled believe. The latter soldier, identified as DeMarco Anderson, is black.

Are you serious? Anderson is heard hollering after he was hit. I get cuffs on, sir! Are you serious?

Video captivated a Columbus, Ohio, police officer stomping on a handcuffed suspect’s foreman.

The Columbus police agency distanced itself from the officers actions, which itsaid in a statement does not assemble high standards[ of] the Columbus Division of Police.

It appears to be inconsistent with the values and training we instill in our patrolmen, the agency responded. The man self-reported a knock to the believe while the suspect was in custody. Well learn more as the investigation are ongoing and take appropriate actions based on the facts of the case gathered. The man has been temporarily reassigned.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther too condemned the officers acts in a post on Twitter, calling his demeanor unacceptable.

According to court accounts cited by The Daily Beast, police originally met Anderson for supposedly threatening to shoot people inside a nearby residence. He elbowed a different man in the look and ran away. Police caught up with him a block away. The believe was allegedly knew carrying a handgun and a substance suspected of being crack cocaine. He had now been been charged with withstanding stoppage, inhibiting official business, exasperated threat, belonging of controlled substances, and having artilleries under disability.

Rosen has been reassigned to non-patrol role while an investigation into the incident is handled, Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs said at a news conferenceon Tuesday. While taking questions put by reporters, she emphasizes that while the video is shaking, the investigation needs to run its course.

Really, we dont know enough hitherto, Jacobs responded after stressing that the video captivated only one angle.

You cant always tell if contact was performed. Video shall be included in 2D, she responded. So there is potential that the camera does not participate everything that occurred the course that it occurred.

Still, she responded, resorting to force against handcuffed captives is an issue.

Officer Rosens conduct has been questioned before. He was one of two officers participating in a June 2016 filming that killed 23 -year-old Henry Green.The magnificent jury decreased to impeach either man on bills related to that happen last month, WOSU reported .

Green had been accompanying with another man when he crossed moves with Rosen and fellow Officer Jason Bare, who were patrolling in an unmarked vehicle and wearing civilian clothes, The Columbus Dispatch reported .~ ATAGENDThe patrolmen responded Green objected a gun at the vehicle.

The two officers said they get out, identified themselves as police and succession Green to fell his artillery. Instead he shot the gun at them, the officers responded. They shot too. Dark-green was made seven times.

That described in happenings was subsequently disagreed by the man who had been accompanying with Green. That soldier said the officers did not identify themselves or present Dark-green time to react, in agreement with the Dispatch.

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