Nintendo is offering big rewards to hackers who find security flaws in their new console

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Image: nintendo

Calling all hackers Nintendo is offering up a entire knot of money to security-savvy Switch proprietors that can find vulnerabilities in the company’s latest console. Finding and referring a big safety problems could see you walking away with a cool $20,000.

Nintendo expanded its public security flaw hunting to the Nintendo Switch yesterday, offering up compensation to anyone who experiences and reports new vulnerabilities in the month-old console. Depending on the severity of the flaw, its exploitability, and the quality of the report, glitch hunters could deserve between $100 and $20,000.

Nintendo once offers compensations for vulnerability reports on the Nintendo 3DS and New 3DS through the bug-hunting website HackerOne. The programme first launched for Nintendo in December 2016 and has already paid under compensations to three men( unfortunately we don’t known better much they represented for their efforts ).

Nintendo is specifically go looking for method vulnerabilities in the same area 😛 TAGEND

Privilege escalation from userland

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ARM TrustZone takeover

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