Little Spoon is a baby food delivery service hoping to fly where others flopped

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Food delivery startups have proven to be a hard business focus is often on proliferation more than gains, with high-pitched ignite charges, low yields and they can be logistics hallucinations. But nevermind all that, a brand-new, more niche prepared banquet give busines seems to be popping up for babies.

Yumi( formerly Caer) announced its launch just last week; Gather, Ayesha Currys meal kit fellowship, also lent a babe menu give busines; and Thistle, a healthy meal give startup in the Bay Area , now originates babe menu, more. And then theres Little Spoon, a brand-new babe menu give startup shall be financed by Tinders Sean Rad and Kyle OBrien from Chobani.

Co-founder Michelle Muller came up with Little Spoon after realizing, aside from doing it all herself, there werent any fresh, healthful options for her little one around New York City.

There are better options out there for your hound than there are for your babe, she told TechCrunch.

Sure there are already organic options at the supermarket. Beechnut was a natural organic label many of my friends with newborns brought up when I asked about somehealthier diet. Little Spoon will also have to be dealt with Plum Organics and the age-old Gerber brand.

And its not clear how much of a demand there is for this type of service in the market. Children dont need much and it seems pretty easy to mush some bananas or make pureed carrots in the food processor at home.

But, should you be too busy and miss a fresher alternative than something thats been sitting in the grocery aisle for perhaps months at office temperature problems, Little Spoon offers an alternative at the least in New York for now.

However, various other babe banquet startups havent fared well in the past and Little Spoon could become another casualty if it originates the same mistakes. Currys Gather, which launched under a year ago, time redirects to Currys Instagram feednow. Yumi was in* beta last year as Caer but had now been renamed itself and pronounces it wont open the doors till mid-2 017. Shoogies, a New York City-based prepared banquet give busines seems to have shut down. Whether thats because there wasnt certainly a market or some other ground is unknown as the founders were unreachable for comment.

* Yumi says it was racing small-scale experiments last year and had not officially launched .

But, Little Spoon points out that, unlike some of these other startups, it owns thefacility where it makes the babe menu and can control the process. It also utilizes a technique called high-pressure processing( HPP ), which is basically what happens with cold-pressed juices and enables us to lock in the nutrients and neutralize bad bacteria instead of using supplements, preservatives or simply flash-freezing like some other brands.

And Little Spoon could easily expand beyond the Big Apple, its co-founders bicker. Thats because its menu processing equipment is actually in California and Im told the products can ship anywhere in a day.

But you dont guild for your babe on the daily. Instead, Little Spoon will ship you up to 2 week worth of 4 oz. sized dinners for your little one at $2.99 each banquet for three meals per day, if you buy in bulk, or up to $4.99 individually( a 4 oz. cup of Beechnut Classics bananas for comparison, was $4.86 at Walmart ). Little Spoon flavors and dinners also change regularly to keep it amusing and senility appropriate.

The team behind Little Spoon consists of Muller as the manager mama, CEO Ben Lewis, manager produce man Angela Vranich and CMO Lisa Barnett, who left her arrange as a partner with Sherpa Foundry to help co-found the company.

So far the startup has taken a cool duo million from angel investors, including the aforementioned Rad and OBrien, and plans to raise more as needed.

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