Kylie Jenner Thinks She’s Too Good For ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’


Love them or detest them, the Kardashian/ Jenners are like the herpes of pop culture: they never fucking go forth. You can thank/ expletive whoever induces the decisions at the E! Network, because another spin-off is calling our route the summer months. This time, Kylie is going her own spin-off indicate announced because I suspect reeling your eyes and affirming reconstructive surgery rumors on isn’t enough for her anymore and somehow authorizes a separate indicate. Were not super impressed with the list, mainly because we were hoping for a lip pack pun, but it induces sense that they chose a designation as bland as she is. Then again, were they going for a note? An Oscar-winning book-turned-movie, this bitch is not.

The network said in a statement that the indicate are as follows Kylie as she You might not like her, but girl has definitely gotten a lot of approvals under her region for someone who still cant legally drink and has never attended real school. I personally feel like “television star” is a bit pre-emptive since this sequence is simply eight occurrences, but okay. And too, “author”? Are they talking about the 2014 dystopian YA novel she “wrote” with Kendall, ? Because if so, the rules for being called an “author” are too low. In all such cases, am I an scribe because I handwrote a small journal in first point about the time I lost my first tooth? I can guarantee you more people read journal than Kylie’s book, so I will patiently await my spin-off show.

Kylie called the show a docu-series in a tweet, which is really merely a fancy word for reality show that may or may not be cancelled after 5 occurrences. Were mostly expecting the indicate to be like her Snapchat floors but filmed on a somewhat nicer camera. Hopefully with less moaning. There is likely to be lots of cheek equipment, lots of her macabre hounds, and lots of lumping Tyga in a Ferrari. Can’t wait. She also said the last couple times have been an incredible jaunt, which know it sounds right devoted how much work shes had done. I make, the girl has come a long way 😛 TAGEND

In case youre wondering, this will be the EIGHTH spinoff of. E! might be trying to compensate for, which patently wont be going two seconds season, unless they want to do a True Crime series about what really happened when Chyna stole Rob’s Eggos, which in fact seems amazing as I’m typing it. Either route Kylie will definitely be pleased with herself. I make, more pleased to see herself than she is on a regular basis, which is actually kind of a difficult accomplisment.

At this site, Kendall will be the only sister who hasnt performed in a spinoff, which necessitates this will be the first time Kylie has ever had something that Kendall doesnt. Its okay, she stands hectic, you know, treading in Paris fashion week, being on the make of and solving police cruelty through the influence of Pepsi. Shell be fine.

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