Europes Rockstart accelerator launches an AI track


Netherlands-based accelerator curriculum Rockstart, which focuses on facilitating startups through their first 1,000 daytimes, has propelled a new horizontal programforartificial intelligence startups touting it as Europes first AI-focused accelerator.

The AI program will be accepting an applicant for next month, and Rockstart replies it willpickten startups for the six-month curriculum, which will commence in September. Teams will be based in sHertogenbosch.

Rockstart has been accelerating startups since 2012, and is backed by partners including Google, Amazon and IBM. It replies the new AI track will be supported by mentors and partners including the locally-based Jheronimus Academy of Data Science( JADS ).

Theres no specific manufacture focus for the programmes with the relevant recommendations being to entice AIstartups from a variety of industries. We consciously decided not to narrow it down in order to have startups from different industries working under one roof thats, in my opinion, where innovation often comes from, replies a spokesman.

We certainly have heard a number of startups with AI at their core in our other planneds over the past couple of years. With this new curriculum, we want to be able to add more cost for startups like those by extraditing relevant tech/ business expertise, learning, and partnerships, he adds.

The selection criteria for the AI track will bethe same as for Rockstartsother programs.

Were looking first of all at the team, and then at the commodity/ plan and whether its actually demanded by the respective manufacture. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks just like a tack, so one of our aims is to avoid employing a engineering for the technologys reason. In the selection process were going to focus, among other things, for purposes of determining whether AI is genuinely the best solution for their own problems the startup is trying to solve, the spokesmantells TechCrunch.

Startups professed for the programwill receive 20,000 currency and 80,000 of in-kind fund, office gap in Den Bosch for the duration, and subsidize from mentors from relevant industries, as well as more than 50 perks and lots( money as worth some 600,000) from curriculum partners.

Named mentors for the AI track includeDr Eric Postma, professor at JADS; Jasper Wognum, the founder of BrainCreators; Dr Mykola Pechenizkiy, professor at Eindhoven University of Technology; and Christoph Auer-Welsbach, partner at IBM Ventures and initiator at City.AI.

Rockstart replies itexpects to take a 6 percentage stake instartups registering the programmes after theyve elevated their next round of funding.

Last month US-based startup hothouse plant Y Combinator also propelled a dedicated AI move. So whileall startups will likely be AI startups in the future, there are dedicated accelerator planneds springing up to push the gap in the meanwhile.

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