Train Your Brain to Work Like Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, & Top Navy SEALs

According to Stealing Fire columnists Steven Kotler and Jamie Whealtheres a brand-new$ 4 trillion high performance rebellion fueling the Navys SEAL Team Six and high profile directors in Silicon Valley and Wall Street to the top of their gamebut no one on the mainstream grade knows about it yet.

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Its a simple idea that our regular waking nation of consciousness, what we would call 21 st Century normaltired, cabled and stressedis just not best available implement for the jobs that we are faced with and the challenges presented by today. And the ability to alter our statesdeliberately, intentionally and productivelyis one of the most effective ways for people to salve trauma[ and] improve read[ and productivity ], Wheal tells FOX Business.

Wheal and Kotler depleted four years experimenting how Silicon Valley directors like Eric Schmidt and Elon Musk as well as top Navy SEALs are using technology to reach altered moods of consciousness — or a flow nation — to achieve eventual performance.

Last month, Navy Rear Admiral Tim Szymanski told reporters during a conference in Washington , D.C. that Squad 6 has been experimenting out special headsets that arouse the mentality to help the user maintain peak performance for several hours.

The Navy is exploring multiple cognitive enhancement technologies to improve mental and physical concert. We plan on using that in goal enhancement, Szymanski said. The concert case is genuinely critical to the life of our operators.

The headsets from Halo Neuroscience were originally designed to help competitors improve on physical practise by stimulating the part of their mentality held liable for muscle push. And its not just the military forces experimenting with brain enhancing techbut too Wall Street, according to Kotler.

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Were experiencing Wall Street merchants vaporizing their brains with electros to kind of slap themselves out of regular waking consciousness before they are moving onto the trading floor, Kotler says.

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But the concept of obtaining your flowing nation isnt new.

In 2013, McKinsey Quarterly produced results from a ten-year world-wide subject of top executives that found that execs who achieved this altered nation reported being up to 500% most productive than those who didnt.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the psychologist who learnt thousands of subjects for McKinseys Increasing the Meaning Quotient of Work report, said individuals who attained the flow nation were more productive and descended greater gratification from their work than those who didnt.

What that symbolizes is that you can go to work on Monday and[ waste] Monday at a flow nation and give Tuesday through Friday off, and youre going to get as much done as your steady nation peers. Two days a week in flowing, youre going to be 1000% most productive then the race, Kotler adds.

Kotler and Wheal describe the altered or flowing nation as ecstasis, which means to stand outside oneself and to be filled with brainchild. And according to Kotler, the concept is currently fueling a$ 4 trillion underground market of contraptions, augments, smart drugs and training equipment to help people get there.

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