This government wants to tell its people how much food they can order while dining out

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Nope! You can’t say so many prawns .

Image: Shutterstock/ Magdanatka

In its effort to curb food waste, the Indian authority wants to fix performing sizes across hotels and restaurants.

“If a person can eat only two prawns, why should he or she be served six? Its wastage of meat and too fund people pay for something that they dont eat, a government official said in a report in the Hindustan Times .

Stopping food waste is no doubt well intentioned but some are not astonished with the highway the government is going about it.

It has already tolerated the wrath of internet users following a series of the rules of procedure around currency notationsand meat slaughter. So the prospect of restraining performing sizes while dining out has created relatively the social media gale 😛 TAGEND

The promise of “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance” seems like a forgotten daydream now. Sigh!

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