These 10 ‘Overwatch’ skins have arrived with the ‘Uprising’ event

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Image: snowstorm presentation

Overwatch ‘s recent incident Uprising is making actors back seven years in the past to battle legions of robots during the month of April, and to rally as many old-school barks as possible in the process.

The Uprising superstar barks show us what our favorite Overwatch personas looked like seven years ago, including Reinhardt, Mercy, Torbjrn, and Tracer’s Overwatch team uniforms, Widowmaker’s Talon apparel, McCree and Genji’s Blackwatch duds, and Omnic uprising versions of Bastion and Orisa.

The new barks are arbitrarily won through pillage caskets deserved during the course of its Uprising incident, which previous until May 1. Or, you can purchase them with your in-game amber until that same date. Check out the new barks below 😛 TAGEND

Along with the new superstar barks are tons of new sprays, emotes, spotlight intros, and victory poses.

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