Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Damn’ album is already getting the meme treatment

Kendrick Lamar discovered the book artworkfor his next account, “DAMN.” on Tuesday, and the internet has come to a consensus: it’s readymade to be a meme, and that may have been part of Kendrick’s strategy when he preferred it. Both the breast and backcoversfeaturethe deed “DAMN.” in a serif typeface, over a photo of a fed-up ogling Kendrick.

It’s almost crazy how many beings on Twitter had the same guessed upon reading the cover for the first time: Kendrick knew damn( DAMN .?) well it was gonna be a meme.

So far, there are more posts praising K-Dot’s meme genius than actual DAMN. memes, but a few examples are previously sounding up.

Remember” Damn, Daniel ,” the early 2016 meme about the teenager who drew enjoyable of his acquaintance Daniel’s white Vans? That mockery was dead and submerge, but Kendrick has brought it back … kind of.

The ” DAMN .” meme can also be used to comment on legitimately outraging occurrences, like the violent removal of a United Airlines passenger from a plane the coming week 😛 TAGEND

Or you canuse the album cover to respond to anything you would conceivably suppose ” damn” about 😛 TAGEND

And some people are consuming it to announce,” Damn. Why isn’t Young Thug on this album ?”

All in all, it’s most versatile, terribly relatable, and doesn’t take much effort to participate inall signeds of a successful meme. Plus, it has massive substantiate from Black Twitter, one of the most influential local communities in the meme tournament. Is Kendrick’s ” Damn ” album cover going to be the meme of the month? No pique to the Estonian midget from The Simpsons , butprobably!


He could have the book of the month, too. DAMN . quits April 14.

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