Hillary Clinton is now a shoe model for Katy Perry


Katy Perry has unveiled the perfect pumps to pair with pantsuits in the various regions of the person and yes, they’re Hillary Clinton approved.

On Monday, the singer announced a simply dazing photo to Instagram of “The Hillary” the newest ends in her shoe wire being modeled by none other than their namesake, Clinton herself.

The entitling addition to being able to Perry’s new footwear wire is a suede shoot with a lucite barrier heel, fit for a sharp dresser looking to make a statement.

The government icon enjoys the ends so much she even modeled them for Perry, and in true fangirl style the singer captioned her Instagram post, “Hillary Clinton is wearing The Hillary( OMG I Enjoy HER SO MUCH .) “

As you can see, the heel is fitted with glaring hotshots and moons because, as noted on her website, Perry wants you to “step in and reaching for the stars, ” just like Hillary.

“The Hillary” in pink.

“The Hillary” in seafoam green.

The power pump is available online in pink and seafoam lettuce for $139 each, and if you move quickly, you are able to even catch the tail end of a sizzling sale. Presidency sold separately.

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