Footballer scores goal literally 2 seconds into match

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You know you’re off to a strong start when you go 1-0 up two seconds into a football match.

During a West of Scotland Super League First Division match between Clydebank and Maryhill on Saturday, that was exactly what happened.

At 2 p.m ., immediately after the pair kicked off, this was what Clydebank FC’s Twitter feed was like 😛 TAGEND

And here’s the goal, in all its super-fast majesty 😛 TAGEND


Well even when they did lose 3-0, at least Clydebank got a neat viral tweet out of it.

People were quickly supposing that it is possible the most wonderful goal ever.

So is it?

Well it’s dicey to mention, because you can’t tell from that GIF exactly how much hour overtakes before the missile stumbles the net.

But based on this Wikipedia sheet, it’s certainly a contender.

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