Dr. David Dao’s United nightmare could be yours


( CNN) Imagine you’re a 69 -year-old physician — a Vietnamese-American immigrant, traveling by air from Chicago to your Kentucky home.

Imagine that the flight you’re on is overbooked, a consequence of decisions made by the carrier to backpack its planes as tightly as is practicable in order to deliver maximum appreciate to shareholders, even if in doing so it’s adding minimum solace for travelers.

Imagine that the airline judges four members of its employees requirement accommodates to get to Louisville airport, and as a result, it must expel paying clients from the flight. Thought if, failing to find voluntaries, the airline selects random passengers to deplane instead, you included — and that when you repudiate, saying you have responsibilities to patients back home, you’re physically yanked from your set by security ,~ ATAGEND hurled against an armrest, stirring you hemorrhage, and dragged semiconscious down the aisle in full view of horrified passengers.