April the Giraffe is an accident waiting to happen. And we’re all just sitting here waiting.

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You don’t have to watch it, you are familiar with ?

Image: Vicky leta/ Mashable

So, um, what if something is really wrong with April the Giraffe’s baby?

What if we’re all glued to a exceedingly boring livestream, that’s about to become a super chilling , not-alive-stream?

Our obsession with April’s bellying belly began innocently fairly. In the weeks following Trumps inauguration, the world hankered for something anything is right to latch onto. And somehow, this totally random, pregnant giraffe crowded the order.

We flocked to her livestream in droves, hoping to catch sight of the calf that her custodians swear was going to come tumbling out Any. Second. Now.

He or she would be covered in goop, but would rise otherwise unspoiled, unmonetized, unmemed. Yet: As with everything on the internet, it was too good to be true. It hasn’t shown up yet.

And now, the bad speculations loom.

It’s now months later, and we’re still there, still waiting, and still watching( if your boredom hasn’t previously started you to tune out ). And what started as our collective safe space has quickly morphed into what could be any other conventional cesspool of online note. As April continues to log around her write, unmoved by all the attention, her devotees have started to turn on each other.

The issue, according to the Washington Post , is all the cashing in that the Animal Adventure Park( who control April’s livestream) and other parties have been doing. Some of her partisans have been put off by the zoo’s GoFundMe campaign, all the April paraphernalium, and even the paid text alerts about Aprils condition.

But the biggest quarrel far and away has been the decision to let Toys R Us sponsor the zoo’s livestream. No one knows how much they’ve handed over to orchestrate the human rights of having their symbol roosted next to April, but Forbes reports that the toy retailer has reached some 28 million people as yet, which they deemed as “something like the Internet version of the Super Bowl.

Let’s at least hope we’re in the fourth quarter by now?

The longer this pregnancy lastsand it feels like are currently in about our bazillionth week of waiting at this pointthe more agitated people have become.

There was some degree of certaintythat this was all an elaborated April Fools Day marketing stunt( it wasnt ). There’re even those who began trying to convince people that in fact giraffes lay eggs. God bless the trolls.

And let’s be clear: This is a marketing stunt, in as much as the zoo set up the livestream as a space to draw attention to themselvesbut thats the same as most people who bother putting anything on YouTube. The knowledge that its was transformed into an internet juggernaut was solely the result of luck.

The only question is whether it’ll turn out to be good luck, or that of the exceedingly, very bad stripe. Birth can a heartwarming miracle of mood, sure. But it can also be a ravaging nightmare. An unexpectedly long pregnancy can buy you countless establisheds of ad-consuming eyeballs, but you run the real risk that people end up associating your label with the horrendous delivery of a deformed( or even worse: stillborn) giraffe.

Nature’s an irregular thrust. For the moment, this livestream is insanely boring. It’s literally exactly an unpleasant seeming giraffe, speeding around, in a pen that appears to be too small for any real various kinds of comfort. But what if this is taking so long because…there’s something really wrong? Like, what if the calf is dead?

( And now, we should should note, it’s maybe not, because we can see it moving, but still: Visualize of the fright .)

There are genuinely so many lanes this could go south. Will we all watch live if they play situations of emergency C-section on camera?

A dark upshot would, in all integrity, be the fitting conclusion to this, a quintessential internet minute. After all, there’s always darkness after the dawn of a viral sensation.

There was Ted Williams, the man with the golden uttera onetime junkie became from being homeless to becoming a YouTube sensation to being back in rehab. Give us not forget Gary from Chicago, the breakout superstar of this years Oscars ceremony who turned out to be an ex-convict. And even the charming-at-first Chewbacca Mom was not without her demerits.

The point: Nothing is or can ever be sacred when the internet is concerned. Recollect: Beings even tried to drag the excellent and marvelous BBC Dad. While April maybe won’t end up in jail or rehab, she’s a perfectly fitting ticking ticking bomb for all of us.

Best case scenario: April extradites a health baby hopefully in like five minutes because then we can all going to go. The worst case, though? It merely embarks with something exiting exceedingly awry during birth.

Of course, it doesn’t demise there. Instead of this turning into Toys R Us’s biggest PR crisis ever, and all of us reading a reading about the chance inherent in capitalizing on mood, April’s tragedy becomes our next obsession. We create a batches of meme-orials for the giraffe( s) we have lost and we fall in love with them in a whole new space. We originate our own Harambe 2.0.

See? We genuinely are ugly, and this is why we can’t have nice acts. Never Internet.

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