AeroMobil to launch a commercially available flying car this year

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Image: AeroMobil

Flying cars are the future, right? In the 1960 s, the world realized a future in which anyone could afford to take a drive above the view, but the technology simply never got there.

Now, Slovakian startup AeroMobil has announced it will be launching a flying vehicle this year and unlike their first paradigm, unveiled in 2014, this one is likely to be commercially available.

AeroMobil, which recently raised $3.2 million in funding, will show off the car at the Top Marques Monaco, the supercar reveal taking place April 20.

The car is a “completely integrated aircraft as well as a fully functioning four-wheeled vehicle, powered by hybrid propulsion, ” claims AeroMobil.

Image: AeroMobil

Unfortunately, besides that we don’t is entirely any details about private vehicles, includes the premium. The only act we do know confirmed to Mashable by AeroMobil that the car’s full specs is likely to be unveiled at the above-mentioned supercar reveal, and that the car will be available for pre-orders this year.

We do know a act or two about AeroMobil’s 2014 paradigm, though. It involved regular gas may be consulted in any gasoline station, and exclusively needed a 650 -feet strip of shore to take off. It could land on an even smaller divest merely 164 feet and reached fast of 124 miles per hour, according to AeroMobil.

On the topic of flying cars, rules and regulations are just as important as the technological position. AeroMobil claims private vehicles is “in compliance with the existing regulatory frameworks for both cars and airplanes.” That still sounds like you’re involve both a driver’s and a pilot’s permission to control it, but we can’t truly reckon a different situation anyways.

Besides the coolness factor, who’d want to use this thing, and for what? AeroMobil has a amazingly down-to-earth explanation. “AeroMobil provides an opportunity to fix personal transportation enormously more efficient and environmentally friendly by allowing hugely faster door-to-door excursion for medium interval trip-ups and in areas with restriction or missing road infrastructure, ” the company said.

We’ve interpreted ideas and prototypes of flying cars before, but everything had proved to be very, very far from business accessibility. We’ll see if AeroMobil can deliver on its promise.

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