We just saw that ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ trailer, and we have some questions

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Honestly, that new haircuts actually works for him .

Image: wonder/ disney

The end is nigh. And frankly, it looks really, really fun.

Marvel Studios has just shared the first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok , the third solo film starring the Asgardian superstar. While the past two movies saved knowing excuses to make him down to Midgard( that’s Soil to us mortals ), this one refers him zipping all over the cosmos.

Along the channel, he loses his hammer and his long fastenings, reunites with an old-time friend( the Hulk ), battles an provocative foe( Hela ), and makes a new chum( Valkyrie ).

Naturally, we’ve got a lot of questions about how everything there is comes together. So without giving further ado, there are 10 burning questions we have about that Thor: Ragnarok trailer.

1. Did … did this trailer actually just open with the “record scratch” meme?

* record blemish*

Image: wonder/ disney

Okay, technically we do not get a “record scratch” sound effect and technically Thor does not pronounce, “Yup, that’s me. You’re perhaps pondering how I ended up in this situation.”

But he does pronounce “I know what you’re remembering. How does this happen? ” which is basically the same happening. The detail that the matter is trailer effectively shall begin with an internet meme is the first indication that this film’s got a strong sense of humor which makes excellent feel if you’ve examined director Taika Waititi’s other movies, like What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople .

( Observe: if you haven’t examined Waititi’s other movies , now’s the time to change that. They’re good !)

2. Will Thor ever get back his beloved Mjolnir?


The first Thor: Ragnarok stills shocked fans by showing the Asgardian superstar without his beloved Mjolnir, and the first Thor: Ragnarok trailer exposes exactly what happened to it: it was destroyed in a battle with Hela.

Later footage testifies Thor maintaining shields and societies and interesting thing, but Thor without his hammer is like Cap without his shield or Iron Man without his armor. It exactly seems erroneous. Is this really the end for Mjolnir, or will Thor find some channel to piece his signature artillery back together?

3. Who is Hela, and what does she want?

Cate Blanchett can destroy us anytime.


Speaking of Hela, the new trailer offers our first look at the villain, whom comics fans might recollect as the Goddess of Death. She’s give full play to Cate Blanchett and like most attributes played by Cate Blanchett, she inspects marvelous .

As Blanchett lately illustrated, Hela’s been locked up in prison for thousands of years. In Ragnarok , she comes out ready to wreak havoc on Asgard and from the trailer, it certainly looks like she attains. But is she just out for retaliation? Or does she have big ambitions in judgment?

4. Exactly how Guardians of the Galaxy -esque will Thor: Ragnarok be?


Between the classic rock-and-roll soundtrack( Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” ), Froot Loops coloring palette, and whimsical sense of humor, Thor: Ragnarok impressions almost like a third Guardians of the Galaxy movie. There are also colors of Star Wars when Thor crash-lands on the planet, while comics fans on Twitter have likened the new trailer to the work of Jack Kirby and Walt Simonson.

5. Uh-oh, what’s Loki up to?

Loving that chic, chic new helmet.


Last examined impersonating Odin on the Asgardian throne at the end of Thor: The Dark World , Loki renders with a fetching new garb, got a couple of hot pierces, and some brand-new allies in the Thor: Ragnarok trailer. But as usual, the trickster keep us predicting as to what, exactly, he’s up to.

The trailer proposes he participates pushes with the Grandmaster at some moment. And we can reasonably expect he’ll wind up on Earth at some moment, since the Doctor Strange discontinue credits has Thor seeing our planet in pursuit. How these circumstances all fit together, we’ll exactly have to wait and see.

6. Why is Valkyrie working with the Grandmaster?

* mind sees emoji*


Loki isn’t the only one in cahoots with Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster. Valkyrie, give full play to Tessa Thompson, is the one who wreaks Thor to him. So why is she working for this buster? When and how does she wind up teaming up with Thor?( That sure looks like her duelling Hela in the trailer …) And how does she feel about his fanboyish affection?

7. How the hell did Hulk make it to this reces of the universe?

Hulk does his best Kool-Aid Man impression.


The last-place duration we sat Hulk, he was jetting off for parts unknown at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron . Now he’s a gladiator in outer space? In a storyline suggestive of Planet Hulk ? We can’t wait to find out what the fib behind that passage is.

8. When does the road expedition get going?

Us watching the Thor: Ragnarok trailer.


Mark Ruffalo has described Thor: Ragnarok as a superhighway expedition movie starring the Hulk and Thor, but the first trailer leaves off with them still in the gladiator stadium. Thor inspects utterly delighted to see his “friend from undertaking, ” but Hulk wastes no time charging at him. How do we get from here to the buddy-buddy good times?

9. Who would win in a fight, Thor or Hulk?

It’s poignant to ascertain acquaintances crusade … but frankly, we kinda want to see these acquaintances fight.


As eager as we are to see these Avengers team up again, we have the same contention as everybody else in that arena: Who would win in a fight between these two?( My money’s on Hulk, personally. Dude’s so strong, Iron Man had to invent special armor exactly to subdue him in Ultron .)

10. Where’s Darryl, Thor’s roommate?

Poor, case, long-suffering Darryl.


As far as we know, Darryl isn’t actually in Thor: Ragnarok . But what can we say? We adoration the buster. We miss him. We wonder how he’s doing, and what he’s up to.

Although Marvel’s Kevin Feige has said “8 0 to 90 percent” of Thor: Ragnarok makes locate outside of Earth( hence why Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster won’t perform ), we know Thor shakes by at the least long enough to visit Stephen Strange. Here’s hoping he sees is necessary to pop in and say hi to Darryl, too.

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