United CEO’s stilted apology for dragging man off plane didn’t go over well


The internet is learning United Airlines a exercise: Use mindless corporate jargon to apologize for violently dragging person off an airplane and you will face the displeasure of several hundred feverishly typing digits.

After disturbing videos surfaced of a mortal calling as officials dragged him off a United flight Sunday, United’s CEO apologized Monday, but in the most difficult channel. CEO Oscar Munoz worked the word “re-accommodate” to describe the man’s bloody encounter.

The statement did not come off well. The internet collectively wailed: Is that what we’re announcing beating person up these days ?!

The man had been dragged off the plane because he refused to let United kick him off an overbooked flight from Chicago to Louisville so their employees could move in his stead. He and his wife were selected to be taken off the plane after none of the passengers volunteered to make room for the United hires. The mortal is a doctor and didn’t want to leave the flight because he had cases to take care of the next day, according to passengers on the plane who were tweeting during the course of its affliction .

The videos show officials dragging “the mens”, with blood on his cheek, and passengers screaming.

One Twitter user extended thus far as to annotate the statement in its entirety. Near the word “re-accommodate, ” the self-appointed copy editor had this to say: “You’re kidding right? “

Yep, that’s how we all feel.

Video ascribe: Tyler Bridges via Storyful

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