TV presenter trolls the tabloids after they blouse-shame her


You know what they say: When a tabloid news publishing trolls you, you troll them right back.

Nobody supposes this? Well, they should start, because Australian presenter of morning prove Today , Lisa Wilkinson, has done really that.

On Tuesday, the Daily Mail produced a “story” thinly dissing the TV legion for~ daring~ to wear the same blouse twice. In 2 months! Outrageous. We all know a woman’s blouse is necessary instantly destroyed after the first wear. #JustGirlThings

Wilkinson wasn’t down. So she tweeted this multi-exclamation-filled gem.

Legend. What stirs the floor even more nonsensical is that this the same TV prove on which Wilkinson’s male co-host wore the exact same suit every day for a year as an experiment in sexism and guess what? No one detected. Not even the eagle-eyed manner police at the Daily Mail .

But Wilkinson wasn’t through sending a content. On Wednesday, she hit TV screens wearing this 😛 TAGEND

Third time’s a charm

Image: path 9

Amazing. She really DGAF. Take that, tabloids, with your weird robes news.

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