This DJ journeyed to Mount Everest to perform ‘the highest party on earth’

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British DJ Paul Oakenfold is go his love for music to new altitudes … literally.

The 53 -year-old DJ plans to acquire autobiography by descending atop Mount Everest and performing at the “highest party on Earth.”

According to AFP, the three-time Grammy selected craftsman has officially reached the mountain’s base camp at 5,380 metres( 17,600 hoofs) as of Monday morning and is due to perform the groundbreaking depict on Tuesday.

“We are here now doing sound checks. We are really looking forward to the show tomorrow. Everyone is really excited here, ” Oakenfold told AFP.

This particular journey is only one part of Oakenfold’s SoundTrek serial, a project he designed to draw attention to the effects of global warming, while also developing fund for various donations, such as facilitating the survivors of Nepal’s 2015 earthquake.

“I want to support in the rebuilding and to shed light on the environmental issues … I would like to do my part, ” the DJ said.

Despite aspiring to change the DJ game and using the adventure to make funds , not everyone were in favour of Oakenfold’s journey. Harmonizing to AFP, some feel he is perturbing the serenity and tranquility of the Himalayas.

In an interview below, the DJ explains why he decided to embark on a 10 -day walking to Everest with a trusty squad of yaksety-yaks and doormen to acquire music history.

Oakenfold seems Everest will be a freshening crack from the monotony of frisking his same aged gigs and festivals.

“Everest opens new openings that are stimulating for all of us. That’s what really spurs me, because it allows me to keep ripening as person or persons, ” he explained.

Though he’s seasoned craftsman, Oakenfold has had no prior trekking experience. To prepare for the wander, he reportedly training of four months before arriving in Nepal.

“I’m not going to profes “its easy” to get here … but it has been a wonderful trek. If you could see the attitude I’m looking at, it is very inspiring, ” he said.

Earth, in 2017: Where every place on countries around the world , no matter how remote, is also possible transformed into an inspired, beat-dropping club.

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