Inflated condom steals the show during Cubs-Brewers game

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It’s a chick! It’s a plane! Nope, really a charlatan increase condom coming to forestall an otherwise innocent baseball game.

A game between the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers came to a brief halting on Sunday when what announcers initially thought was a balloon wandered onto the field.

Spoiler alert: Uh … it wasn’t a balloon.

No, it was an overstated condom that somehow received its room into the game.

The rubber visitor represented its introduction in the second inning when the Cubs were already up 5-0. So naturally, a love got a little tolerated and decided that this would be a good 15 seconds of action.

Come on! This is America’s favorite activity we’re talk about this! How dare you taint this tradition.( But OK, really funny escapade , not going to lie .)

Never fear, though. Umpire Jeff Nelson heroically slayed the hovering distraction with a potent stomp. Nelson, understanding the dimensions of his risk, then tipped his detonator to the supporters while they thanked him with a grateful roar.

Hey, it’s not in his job description, but sometimes you got to do what you go to do.

And to whomever whipped out this condom and proceeded to blow it up in a cramped field and liberate it into the mad we’re proud of you.

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