Baby goats join yoga class to help participants ‘relax’

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Call it Goga. Or Yoat . Or Goyoatga. Whatever are you gonna call it, well, yeah: Someone’s doing yoga with goats , now.

Jenness Farm in Nottingham, New Hampshire spiced up their yoga gives last week by running their first class with teenagers. Like, “kids” as in baby goats. Brings brand-new meaning to the words “child’s pose.”

The farm shared some photos on Facebook of the goats in action. Just look at these goats curing humans relax during the course of its not-so regular yoga practice by standing on participants’ backs, straying around the area, and maybe trying to figure out what was really going on in there.

We’re not sure how tightening it is to have four little hooves on your back, but it clearly looks charming.( And that’s half the clash, right ?)

According to the farm’s original post about the class, all of their yoga-with-goats gives for May sold out “in a little over 24 hours”so it consider this to be the program is huge success.

Although goat yoga isn’t entirely new, Jenness Farm claims to be first classes of its kind offered in the New England area.

We’ve contacted out to the gogis’ ( goat-yogis) human handlers, for them to tell us more about their rule. Lest you disbelieve the is necessary to goats to partake in yoga, delight do yourself( and the goats) a praise, and hear what a riled-up goat actually is just like. Then you can weigh in on the matter.

Until then: Namast- bray.

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