Author-turned-politician debunks myths about Britain’s past…again


Shashi Tharoor is at it again.

The favourite author-turned-politician has been blowing the lid off Britain’s colonial past, which he claims, has been brushed under the carpet.

“Not a line of colonial history” is being taught in the best class of London, he replies. His recent speeches, papers and bible, An Period Of Darkness , is an issue of that.

In the video above, Tharoor discourages British the representatives from the 18 th and 19 th centuries for employing India’s resources and taxpayers’ money to build the country’s railway system which he guesses was “a gigantic colonial scam”.

“From the start it was apparent that the British wanted to build the railways for their own determinations, he replies. The important role that India could play as a market for British goods and as a market for agricultural raw material for Britain would be facilitated by the railways.

Tharoor discredits the widely held notion that India’s sprawling railway network is Britain’s greatest contribution to the country it colonized for over two centuries, adding that India “must forgive but never forget”.

Just watch it.

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