Alec Baldwin just got kind of weird on Facebook

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Alec Baldwin touring his pal Jimmy Fallon.

Image: Theo Wargo/ Getty Images for NBC

Alec Baldwin is numerous extraordinary thingsactor, comedian, and novelist, to identify a fewbut the director Donald Trump impersonator supported he’s just like us when it comes to affixing on Facebook: an clumsy oversharer.

After Baldwin’s brand-new memoir, Nevertheless, was released on April 4, he decided to create a Facebook page to promote the tale and privately engage with readers.

Though fans are likely to be expecting a run-of-the-mill bible plug, Baldwin used his first upright to accuse his publisher, HarperCollins, of careless editing, and to preferably uncomfortably specify the record directly about his romantic perceives for a few leading noblewomen in comedy.


Last week, government officials Twitter account for the Alec Baldwin Foundation tweeted a relation to the memoir’s supplemental Facebook page, a.k.a. residence of the SNL star’s innermost concludes viewing his book.

After appreciating books to the page, Baldwin explained he would be using the infinite to share supplemental substance that didn’t manufacture the original edition of the memoir, and to manufacture various improvements to both the physical text and suggests that could be taken from his writing.

“The published edition contains SEVERAL typos and faults which I was more than a little surprised to envision, ” Baldwin explained. “The editors at HarperCollins were, I picture, too busy to do a proper and forensic revise of the information that is. Hence, the first posting here, in the coming weeks, will be an indicator of corrections and the changes to the text that are intended to bringing it more in accordance with my original intent.”

Ooooof. Necessary some frost, HarperCollins?

After announcing he would be publicly dragging HarperCollins in the coming weeks, Baldwin propelled right into his first improvement/ improvement: confessing he is not actually in love with his female idols. Awkwardddd.

“When I write that I am ‘in love’ with Megan Mulalley, or Kate McKinnon, or Tina Fey, I mean that I am in love with their geniu, ” he wrote before making events even more uncomfortable. “As a happily married man who wants to stay that course( ahem ), I wanted to clarify that.”

Like, we get that you’re really has become a good spouse and defining the record directly here, but it doesn’t seem like this reeeeeeally necessary clarification. Just tell that group of Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy shippers have their fantasies, okay?

Nevertheless,( get it ?) tell these were crucial exercises for all 😛 TAGEND

Always ensure your bible is accurately facsimile edited BEFORE it’s published.

The messages “in love with” are not made gently, especially in a memoir.

Not even luminaries are immune to the unwieldy desires to emotionally overshare on social media.

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