She went a whole day not knowing she was having a heart attack. And she’s not alone.

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Beatriz Martinez was exerting at the gym one day when she unexpectedly find singularly breathless and a little dizzy and got a suffering in her stomach.

She stopped and made a hour to breath, which moved her find a little better. But the suffering was still there. Perhaps she had propagandized herself too hard and pulled a muscle?

“I thought it was the exercises, a muscle hurt, ” answers Beatriz. So, she decided to call it quits for the day and drove residence.

She made lunch, moved her fuzz, and led about the whole day like everything was normal even though the dull hurt in her stomach never actually went away. That evening, she and her husband even was just going a party. But at that point, the suffering had get worse, and by the time they went home, she was vomiting and the suffering had spread to her chest.

They led straight to the emergency room.

At the hospital, they extended some tests and Beatriz was told she was having a heart attack.

One of the biggest veins in her feeling, the left anterior descending( LAD ), was fully stymie. “That I’m alive, it’s like a miracle, ” she answers.

She had a stent throw in and she was in recuperation at research hospitals for six daylights before she was able to go home again.

Beatriz’s story is not uncommon.

Heart disease is actually one of the most common causes of demise for women in the United States. But in some cases, it can be prevented which is why preventive health care is really important.

“What organizes difficulties for parties are the things that they don’t know and therefore can’t change, ” answers Dr. Nicholas Gettas, a family doctor who is now a medical officer at Cigna.

With health matters, such as myocardial infarction, it is the cumulative effect over duration of determining factor, such as high-pitched blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes, that can cause a number of problems like a heart attack. Thats why it is important to be informed about your four state amounts: blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and figure mass index( BMI ).

Even if you eat well and practice, it’s still worth going checked. “You might find someone who is thin, who practises, whose diet appears to be great …[ but] there is some genetic matter that means that their cholesterol remains high, ” answers Gettas. In actuality, he adds, he had a patient with a same experience.

“The earlier you relate, the earlier you can moderate and revise the issue and the most likely “youre gonna have to” get a better long-term arise, ” he says.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention( CDC ), if everyone got their recommended preventive care, we could probably save 100,000 lives in America every year.

Beatriz’s experience schooled her a lot about the best interests of keeping an heart on her health.

Even at research hospitals, when everyone was scurrying around to treat her, Beatriz answers she couldn’t promotion but think they were overreacting because she still didn’t think it was that serious.

“I never thought that I had anything wrong with my feeling, ” Beatriz answers. She had always thought of herself as health: She was active, she exercised regularly, and she wasn’t overweight.

She was also unaware of something very important: The symptoms of a heart attack are often very different for women than they are for men.

Most of the heart attack indications we hear about are actually what happens when adults have a heart attack such as the left forearm extending numb or the self-evident severe chest pain. In maidens, heart attack symptoms can be more subtle, as Beatriz suffered:

The suffering isn’t always in the dresser. It can be in the cervix, mouth, upper back, or stomach sphere.

Sometimes it merely feels like a bad instance of indigestion.

Other durations it just causes shortness of breath which is sometimes misstep as a panic attack or dizziness.

It can also stimulate nausea and puking.

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