One of the best ‘Counter-Strike’ players is finally on a team that’s worthy of him

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Niko( middle) cured return his new unit FaZe Clan to victory on Sunday .

Image: Starseries/ blink

Despite his absurd individual science, Nikola ‘Niko’ Kova widely regarded as one of hte good Counter-Strike: World-wide Offensive musicians in “the worlds” “ve never” won a premier event. Until yesterday.

In Kiev, Ukraine, the word overtime sat at the top of the screen. On the left: A Danish signal next to the team list Astralis recent CS: GO Major champions and winners of Esports Championship Series Season 2 and Intel Extreme Masters XI. On the right side: A European signal next to the team list FaZe Clan runners-up at Intel Extreme Masters XI, the team’s first tournament with its newest musician Niko.

In the best-of-three finals of StarSeries Season 3, Astralis and FaZe Clan were confined 1-1 in plays with the third planned, Inferno, as the decider. The teams propagandized one another into overtime, racking up round after round until the score was 17 -1 7.

If Astralis took the next two rounds, they’d greatly cement their dominance over the pro CS: GO situation, earning their fourth premier tournament in a row. If FaZe Clan made the next two rounds, they’d dethrone Astralis and show the world their ragtag listing of individual aces could contend with the best.

The teams whittled one another down with some small-scale skirmishes. A successful impostor noted FaZe inducing it to one of the bombsites to bush the missile. With a 2v1 advantage against Astralis, Niko posted up behind make and drum the final Astralis player in a duel.

FaZe was up 18 -1 7. Match point.

With an economy advantage, FaZe moved with careful aggression against Astralis’s defense. Astralis quickly noted themselves outgunned and outmanned. FaZe planted the missile and Astralis did the most appropriate to push back, but FaZe cleaned them up without much trouble.

FaZe Clan won the game in the 36 th round. The unit mounted up and down, gripping one another in elated win. Niko hoisted the award as confetti streamed down, celebrating his first-ever premier-level championship win not only for himself, but for FaZe Clan, more an organization that registered its first CS: GO tournament in January 2016.

Niko, who had played under the lackluster Mousesports banner from March 2015 to February 2017, used to carry his team on his back with his inhuman knack for reaching headshots with the desert eagle handgun and his ability to stay chill when heavily outnumbered for clutch wins.

His highlight reels are fitted with 1v3, 1v4, and 1v5 the circumstances in which he manages to come out on top generally with little more than a handgun and a well-placed grenade.

That individual science was finally put to the test with a able team to back it up. Instead of pounding the desk in exasperation while wearing a Mousesports jersey, Niko in a FaZe Clan t-shirt cured divulge a record “the worlds largest” handgun rounds won in a row at a single premier tournament.

The highest honour Niko ever won before this weekend was with Mousesports’ third/ fourth finish at ELeague Season 1, webbing the team $70,000 of the full amounts of the $1.4 million honour consortium. Niko and the rest of the FaZe Clan listing won $125,000 at StarSeries on Sunday.

Niko, the Bosnian player who never had a unit equal to his own science, eventually noted a unit that could keep abreast and brace a award above their heads.

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