Kylie Jenner showed up at this kid’s proms and a bunch of teenagers lost all control

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Throughout America’s storied history, proms have traditionally been sorry occasions. Simply the presence of someone super-famous has ultimately been able save one of these dances from its gloomy, predetermined fate.

Luckily for students at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento, California Kylie Jenner stopped by to extricate their junior prom Saturday night. Jenner had agreed to be the year of Albert Ochoa, a ridiculously excited junior at the school.

Jenner arrived together with her best friend, Jordyn Woods and immediately stimulated a social media panic amongst the teens, including interminable Snapchats and covers lock tweets with numerous expletive points.

Here’s an obscenely brief sampling. These teens were not trying to be chill for Kylie.

God sanctified their earnest hearts.

Image: snapchat

If merely we all had major notorieties show up to episodes we dread, the world would be a happier place.

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