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April 10, 2017

Leading off the week’s report on CNN 10: terrorist attacks in northern Africa and north Europe. We’re clarifying the reasons for and responses to a U.S. airstrike on a Syrian airbase. And we’re manifest you how a CNN Hero is facilitate students with hearing loss and producing rapture to their lives and loved ones .

CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: A mas of report to catch you up on this Monday. Thanks for watching CNN 10.
We start with reports of terrorist attacks in North africa and Northern Europe.

In the nation of Egypt Sunday, bombings at two Coptic Christian religious killed at least 43 people. The first detonate have taken place in a service at St. George’s Church in the towns of Tanta. Egypt’s state TV responded a missile was placed under a seat in the main devotion hallway. And afterwards, outside Mr. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in the towns of Alexandria, a suicide bomber set off explosives after police reportedly stopped the attack from opening the church.
More than a hundred people were wounded in the two attacks. They took place on Palm Sunday. It’s the Sunday before Eastern and marks the beginning of Holy Week for the world’s Christians.
The Coptic Orthodox Church was established by the apostle Mark in the 1st century A.D ., according to the church’s biography. Coptic Christians are a religious minority in Egypt. They make up about 10 percent of the country’s person and they’ve been targeted lately in recent years often by Islamic activists. The gunmen group ISIS, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, said it was responsible for Sunday’s bombings. Condemnations of the attacks, condolences for the victims and is supportive of Egypt’s government came in from political and religious worldwide .

Meanwhile, police in Sweden suggest a adult believed in participating in a terrorist attack there had shown approbation to extremist radicals, including ISIS. Another accused has furthermore been arrested. On Friday, a delivery truck was driven into a department store in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Four people were killed in that affect and some of the 15 people injured were in critical condition as of last-place nighttime. Thousands gleaned on Sunday to remember the main victims .


MAX FOSTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: There’s been a intense finding here in Sweden to get life back to normal. That sense has come from the emperor and the prime minister, right down to the ordinary Swedes. So, imagine that this was the street where the attacker originated bellowing down in his way. That’s how hectic it would have been. Amazing to think that there weren’t more demises, that there weren’t more hurts. But the sense here is that people should carry on with their ordinary lives in defiance of that terrifying terror menace .

The truck originated bellowing down here into this department store and they put up plyboard as you can see to supersede that demolished space. And instead of precisely leaving it there, people are coming here and it’s so much turned into a stopgap shrine.
You can see words there. Parties have confined the sense “RIP”, but most perceptibly and repeatedly the word “tillsammans” which means together. All the flowers have been taken from areas like this and place on some stairs around the corner for a vigil that was a national instant for the country to come together .

There’s been a huge outpouring of grateful as well to the emergency services and their rapid response to the attack on Friday. So, people are laying flowers on police cars for example with posters alleging, “We’re proud of what you did.”
Max Foster, CNN, Stockholm, Sweden .


AZUZ: The U.S. authority now replies it’s their own priorities to remove Syria’s leader from dominance. That’s a significant change for the Trump administration. It previously did not prioritize the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al Assad. But that was before a chemical weapons onrush that was carried out last-place Tuesday killed 89 people in western Syria. The onrush was widely accused on Assad’s regime.
And last week, U.S. President Donald Trump authorized members of the military impres against the Syrian airbase. It’s the location where the U.S. replies the substance onrush was propelled from. America has been carrying on business as airstrikes against ISIS spots in Syria for years. The weapon impress were the first time the U.S. affected a Syrian authority sentiment since the country’s civil struggle breaks out six years .


DAVID PETRAEUS, FORMER CIA DIRECTOR: It surely sends a message to acquaintances and rivals alike that this president will take action when ways are swept and that is again potentially very significant .


AZUZ: Syria revoked carrying on business as the substance onrush last week and Russia and Iran, two countries that support Syria’s government say the U.S. impres divulged international law and that they are able to, excerpt, “response strongly” to any invasion Syria .

The U.S. rockets were fired from U.S. warships in the Eastern Mediterranean. And in response and in supposed register of magnetism, Russia has moved a warship to a port in western Syria. The Middle Eastern nation has continued operations at the damage airbase.
In the U.S. capitol, Neil Gorsuch is set to affirmed in today as the 113 th right of the U.S. Supreme court. The Senate corroborated him on Friday with a recorded vote of 54 -4 5. One senator was absent. Justice Gorsuch fills the vacancy left by Justice Antonin Scalia, who died last-place February.
If you missed any of our sees last week, we had a couple of in-depth explainers on the Senate’s governs, settle changes and confirmation process involving Gorsuch. Our April 5th register characterized expressions like filibuster and the nuclear alternative. Our April 7th register explained how they actually played out. You can both of them from our homepage, CNN1 0. Just scroll down to our archives .


AZUZ( voice-over ): Ten-second trivia :

In what subject are the terms impres, exposition and proscenium commonly used ?

Theater, medication, mixed martial arts or building ?

These expressions are most often used in and around the theater. The proscenium relating to a common type of theatre .


AZUZ: When I was founded in 1997, No Limits theater group, like its epithet advocates, wasn’t is restricted to people simply performing in plays. The performers were all students with hearing loss. And since then, the No Limits group has induced 100 plays in 13 states and includes three education middles. Its founder is a CNN hero who wants to give all students the tools to do well in life .


MICHELLE CHRISTIE, CNN HERO: A babe with a hearing loss can achieve anything.
When you grow up, what do you want to be ?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want to be a successful businessman .

CHRISTIE: Hearing loss does not impact your geniu. But unfortunately, some of our adolescents fall to the fissures. Sometimes these adolescents are bullied and a lot of people in “peoples lives” tell them that they can’t do acts .

Are you ready for addres? Let’s practice out here .

Their parents are often to indicate that “their childrens” is never going to learn to speak .

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The third score educator called my mother. She said he can’t do anything by himself. My mother had her mettle separation .

CHRISTIE: For the adolescents that are from low income lineages, they haven’t received a lot of early involvement. They get to us at 4 or 5 years old and they don’t are aware of their epithet .

All right. Let’s is currently working on your homework .

Our making works with children with all different degrees of examining loss.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Speak louder, have upbeat energy. Vanish .

CHRISTIE: We give a free program to allow kids to have the education that they deserve .

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Welcome to No Limits: Guess It or Not !

CHRISTIE: We started with a theater companionship —
KIDS: Mama Mia !

CHRISTIE: — and I just said that I wanted to start an education core actually curing families in poverty, for crowding in all the language, the grammar, and too schooling them how to read and write .

UNIDENTIFIED GIRL: When I grow up, I want to become an artist .


CHRISTIE: That was so good !

Every ten weeks, we have a graduation formality and the adolescents write a addres and then they do it in front of a lot of people. When you examine the parents in the gathering, they’re think, oh my gosh, what’s going to come out .

UNIDENTIFIED BOY: I have a big sister called Emily and I’m nuts about her .

CHRISTIE: And then they see that their adolescents are just so brilliant and people are laughing at their laughters and clapping for them. It’s, oh my gosh, my child is going to be OK .

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have experience outage because of my hearing loss, but it cannot demolish me. I suggest aloud, I can do it !


CHRISTIE: Every single babe here has potential and it’s our task to gather it out of them and open as numerous as doorways so that they are able to radiance .

These are my girls. I love you, people .


AZUZ: Lasers, fervour and robots, oh my! It doesn’t definitely sounds like a conventional circus, but it’s conventional there at the Two Bit Circus. Its founder replies it’s all about contributing brand-new styles of frolic. Large corporations have brought in the Two Bit Circus for big-hearted budget events. They frequently flow between $50,000 and half a million dollars. Its forces are everything from classic arcades to VR entertainment. And where else can you watch an SUV start bungee leap ?

Amazing what people come up with off the big top of their principals. It might not be the greatest register on earth, but though the Two Bit costs more than two bits, it buys more than a shave and a haircut. And even if it follow devious logic, it positions new ideas in entertainment to the tech and the story generates us full circus on CNN 10.
I’m Carl Azuz. Come on back Tuesday .

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