Bill O’Reilly will be investigated for sexual harassment, says his accuser’s attorney

According to the lawyer for Wendy Walsh, one of several women whove reportedly leveled sexual abuse accusations at Fox News host Bill OReilly, 21 st Century Fox will conductan investigation into the longtime anchor’s behavior.

Lisa Bloom, who represents Walsh, broke the bulletin during an look on CNNs Reliable Source with Brian Stelter on Sunday afternoon, saying that her consumers call to the the anonymous hotline for Fox News’s parent company has stimulation an internal investigation.

In the aftermath of a major report by the New York Times last week, detailing several sexual harassment accusations against OReilly, the emcee put out an official statement disclaiming corruption. He too noted that no one has ever registered individual complaints about me with the Human Source Department, even on the anonymous hotline.

Thats no longer true-blue, nonetheless, as Bloom and Walsh proved by filming their call to the hotline.

It was that call, according to Bloom, which seems to have set in motion the internal investigation.

Said Bloom:” On Friday, we received a return telephone call from a couple of advocates who represent Fox News, and they said that they are indeed going to do an investigation based on Wendys complaint. I told them we really be realised that, and tells get going as soon as possible. And so, I am told that they are taking it seriously and they are going to do the investigation thats legally required of them .”

Walsh has been very public about her accusations against O’Reilly, with an see toward improving working conditions for other women. That’s what she told CNN’s Don Lemon last week, categorically stating that she’s” not after coin .” Walsh alleges that after a number of on-air forms on O’Reilly’s show in 2013, the 67 -year-old host first predicted her a place as a reappearing backer over a business dinner and then angrily rescinded the furnish after she refused to have sex with him.

Walsh’s allegations resonate what’s publicly known of other accusations against O’Reilly throughout the years, though not all of his accusers are at liberty are talking about their experiences due to the terms of their villages. In addition to Walsh and onetime Fox News emcee Andrea Tantaros, both of whom have made public accusations, O’Reilly has reportedly husk out a combined $13 million in villages to five brides, all of whom worked at Fox News: onetime producers Rachel Witlieb Bernstein and Andrea Mackris, and on-air flair Rebecca Gomez Diamond, Laurie Dhue, and Juliet Huddy.

Since the Times ‘ s report, at least 60 national advertisers have gathered their coin from O’Reilly’s show.

Update 3:35 pm PT , April 9: A21st Century Fox congressman has responded to the Daily Dot, offering the next statement:” 21 st Century Fox probes all complaints and we have asked the laws and regulations firm Paul Weiss to continue assisting the company in these serious matters .”

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