‘SNL’ gets Trump and O’Reilly just right


( CNN) “Saturday Night Live” reverted after a three-week hiatus and delivered a bite and fearless comedic takedown of both Bill O’Reilly and President Donald Trump’s alleged biography of sexual wrongdoing with women. Although “SNL” was unfair in one mode — it lumped Trump and O’Reilly’s history of sexism together — when in reality Trump’s is far worse.

The show openedthe show with Alec Baldwin as Trump at a town hall session in Kentucky. The representation comically summed up why Trump allies still like him even though some of Trump’s proposed policies would personally hurt them: “It’s looks just like you received a digit in your chili, but you still feed the chili, because you told everyone how much you adoration chili.”

But best available political humor representation came when Baldwin returned afterward in the picture as Fox News’ embattled emcee Bill O’Reilly. And when I allege best “political humor, ” it’s not which sketch elicited the most difficult giggles. Government humor needs to be measured by what is both quirky and sees insightful parts. And it’s often not the funniest representation of the picture because it’s parent controversies, such as in this illustration sexual harassment, which do numerous people uncomfortable.