‘Business and politics are inseparable’ says our favorite Silicon Valley tweeter


Box CEO Aaron Levie


Box CEO Aaron Levie isn’t one to remain his mouth shut, supplying often witty commentary on Twitter, at gatherings and on television about Silicon Valley and the state of the industry.

In the last two years, it’s been a lot of talk on Trump and politics. On Thursday, business enterprises startup CEO( @levie) am speaking on CNBC’s Closing Bell and examined how politics has affected his business and the tech industry at large.

“There’s no question that there’s a lot of interference right now, and it’s reaching kind of fever pitch. There are so many issues today where plan meets with business and meets with our ability to be competitive, ” Levie said.

“While we’ve affection is capable of being disconnected plan and politics from business, there are so many things that impact our way of life and our competitiveness, ” he continued.

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Immigration Reform

Encryption Policy

Privacy Issues

Global Trade