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7 Unexpected Reasons Your Skin Is Oily Betches


So we’ve bridged the threshold of acne, aren’t quite to the supernatural estate of wrinkles, and are smack dab in the middle of petroleum world. I want, don’t get me wrong, I still get tons of pimples in my 20 s, but my major skin matter rn is how f* cking oily my face is. It sucks, and if you’re anything like me, you probably follow through between three and 18 lubricant blemishing sheets per period, and makeup slithers off your face no matter the season. It’s a terrible time in a betch’s life, and it must be stopped. First, we must understand our antagonists. Then we are going to be able defeat them. Here are some of the mysterious rationales your skin is oily and like you got smacked in the face with bacon.( Just me, then ??) Read on to find out a few sudden reasonableness your scalp is oily and what, if anything, you can do about it.

1. Hormone

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! It’s our baby-making hormones here to f* ck your life up once again. Basically, being on the pill, being off the pill, being pregnant, having your period, nearly having your age, and everything in between can wreak havoc on your surface. Your sebaceous glands go into overdrive when our hormones are out of whack, which constitutes one of the reasons why your bark is oily as the most recent BP oil spill. Yay. Combat it with like, I guess not being female? Moving on.

2. Dairy

If you haven’t put together the fact that your cheese habit is causing you to break out, then maybe you don’t deserve clear scalp. By the same sign, is in accordance with Bustle, “levels of testosterone and progesterone–and nearly 60 other hormones–rise in the body when you consume dairy, stimulating too much lubricant to build up beneath the surface area of your skin.” In other oaths, perhaps it’s time to cut back on those late darknes milkshakes or glasses of whole milk you’ve been chugging while trying to fall asleep. Which, by the room, can also lead to hurt scalp if your sleeplessness is being caused by stress. Guys, this is SO FUN.


3. Not Enough Moisture

Seems totally weird, but it’s truer than my compassion for overpriced skin produces. You need to use a moisturizer regardless of your surface nature, span. Basically, if you don’t your skin will freak TF out, be all like, “omg I’m not good enough” and then move f* cking nuts on oil production to make up for the moisture it isn’t get. If you do have super oily skin, don’t get a thick-skulled cream to make up for all this nonsense, though. Get a light-colored, oil-free moisturizer with ingredients like glycerin that helps ocean stay in your surface, impeding petroleum at bay.

4. The Weather

Finally, I can accuse the climate for my surface difficulties! Praise be. Of course, you’re likely to see a bit more light when the humidity index is over 100 percent in the summer. But the drying the consequences of winter can too generate your scalp to dry out and, in turn, render MORE petroleum to compensate. Engagement that sh* t with a good moisturizer procreated especially for oily surface. Or just live in a bubble and never go outside–up to you.

5. Your Sheet

Please, satisfy, delight bathe your bed sheets once per week or sustain the consequences. Not bathing your membranes is like not moistening drapes that you’ve devoted 8-10 hours in every day and is so unbelievably outraging considering the drooling, flinging, turning, boning, and all the other interesting habits that happen for the purposes of the cover-ups. Do you miss your bark to lay in a puddle of slobber? That’s probably really good for it, right? Incorrect. Make sure you’re sleeping on breathable fabrics like cotton or, if you’re liking, grab a silk pillowcase that’ll get easier on your scalp and assist chill out the lubricant over-production.

6. You Adoration To Drink

Yikes. BLAME IT ON THE AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-ALCOHOL. But seriously, Arleen Lamba for Bustle says, “when you ingest alcohol your heat index rises, which means you actually do get warmer and sweat more.” In other names, maybe inhibit the drinking for a week or three and see if your petroleum problem clears up a little bit. Chug water, sleep, and chew green things to become a pillar of health and non-shiny scalp. Your person is a temple, fam.

7. Stress

Oh, what a astonishing addition to this list! Yes, it is about to change that stress is a huge ground your surface is oily. Cool. Harmonizing to Schlessinger for Reader’s Digest, “’When we become accented, the level of the body’s stress hormone( cortisol) rises … this, in turn, effects increased levels of oil production, which can lead to oily skin, acne and other related bark problems.’” SWEET. So I suspect the more of the floor is to not get stressed out, cause if you get stressed out you’ll do greasy and pimply and then, in turn, get more stressed out and the cycles/second will be pursued literally until you die, I assume.

Images: Chris Knight, Unsplash; Giphy( 3 )

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Cars Keep Getting Better. That Makes Disruption Harder.


On Wednesday, Tesla Inc. announced that the committee second-quarter results. Those makes, together with Elon Musk’s justifications to analysts for his rudeness 3 month earlier, pushed its furnish price up and 2025 bond yields down. During the earnings scold, Musk and my honourable colleagues said ” improve” or “improvements” 14 eras in describing everything from Tesla’s production line to its in-car computing to its blatant margins.

Improvements, be they in manufacturing or in boundaries, introduced into psyche explains from New York University professor Scott Galloway, speaking on German commerce podcast OMR in April about the automobile industry and disturbance. Galloway requested his” general measure” to the industry’s vulnerability to interruption:” You look at the average premium of the products relative to inflation .”

The price increases versus inflation had already been weakens. I would argue that the vulnerability in the automobile business is actually moderately low. If I look at my Mercedes … I believe on an inflation-adjusted basis, the cars I buy now are less expensive than the cars I was buying 20 years ago, and more the produce is far superior than the car I was buying 20 years ago. I would argue that the vehicle manufacture is not that vulnerable to disturbance.

What I’ve advised many of the unicorns or new-economy business who are spawning big investments in the auto industry is that I believe that is a shareholder-destroying gues because I don’t think the vehicle manufacture is that vulnerable.

… I’m actually fairly bullish on the traditional automakers. They’ve done a good job, retained their costs low-grade, starting great investments in engineering.

It’s a helpful hypothesis — so let’s measure it. Today’s automobiles are qualitatively better than those realized 20 years ago, but it’s worth trying to quantify that improvement. So I questioned all my fellow members Salim Morsy to espoused two comparable vehicles just made by major manufacturers. Salim took it a bit greatly back, to the 1980 s, and suggested two small-time boast coupes with dedicated supporter cornerstones: the 1982 Renault R5 Turbo 2 and the 2018 Ford Focus RS.

Better in Every Way

Comparison of Renault R5 Turbo 2 and Ford Focus R

Sources: Manufacturers, carfolio.com

Note: proselytizes French francs to U.S. dollars at 1982 full-year average of 6.58. Observe: Exerts Bureau of Labor Statistics’ CPI Inflation Calculator to proselytize nominal 1982 U.S. dollars to 2018 U.S. dollars.

The 2018 Ford is a massive improvement on the 1982 Renault. And its betters aren’t really in the immediately analogous characteristics. The Ford also has anti-lock brakes; airbags; capability openings, entrance fastens and direct; air conditioning; and a stereo system that would blow away anything from 36 years ago. It’s very hard to find a gondola being constructed today these situations, and in a bundle that’s lower-priced.

Galloway also says that manufactures ripe for interruption( such as newspapers twenty years ago, or cable television today) also have high-pitched perimeters. Now again, the automobile manufacture gapes hard to interrupt. Tesla’s gross margin in the second quarter of 2018 was 14.3 percentage. That’s slightly lower than the margins for Bloomberg Intelligence’s Global Automobile Valuation Peers. However, its Ebitda margin last-place one-fourth was -3. 4 percent and its operating boundary -1 5.5 percentage. World automakers have had remarkably stable Ebitda and operating boundaries for the past two decades, even as their gross margins have fallen.

Pretty Stable

Bloomberg Intelligence Global Automobiles Valuation Peers margins

Source: Bloomberg Intelligence

An improving concoction and deflationary concoction with stable, low margins is indeed a challenging target for interruption — at the least in terms of product quality. Other events, such as transportation-as-a-service offerings( with humen in the loop or without ), that could lower demand for brand-new vehicles could prove a challenge to large-scale automakers. That challenge, though, is existential — it’s not from other automakers.

The U.S. vehicle sail over the past four decades tells us not only how it has improved, but likewise the priorities we have as consumers. Since the 1970 s, our automobiles have become about 48 percent more environmentally friendly, 92 percentage more fuel-efficient, 69 percent more powerful … and they weigh the same. Our cars were going lighter for nearly a decade after the first high oil prices surprise; since then, they’ve been veering back up to exactly what they were in 1975. Manufacturers, very, require big autoes, and their yen for higher-margin sport utility vehicles based on truck chassis has helped shape customer preference as well.

Improving Everywhere

U.S. passenger vehicle parameters, rebased 1975= 100

Source: EPA

Imagine the efficiency betterments if vehicle load had followed the same trend line as carbon dioxide emissions … if only shoppers required lighter vehicles. Interrupting automobile manufacturing is hard-handed — and so is obstructing customer preference.

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The CEO of Canada’s largest petroleum company said today” Climate change is science. Hardcore science .”

Climate change will induce an additional 1.5 million annual deaths just from the effects of heat on humans — never mind sea level rise, gales or drought.

Australia’s drought from above, in superb and daunting images.

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Bitcoin’s volatility has eased, but its use in exchange continues to fall.

Kara Swisher interviews Hooi Ling Tan, co-founder of Southeast Asia’s ride-hailing monstrous Grab.

David Fickling on” how Polynesian conflict canoes prove that humans are never going to colonize space in any foreseeable future .”

9 Supposedly Important Words (That Dont Mean Anything)


Have you visited America’s heartland? And if you have…why are you so sure? “The heartland” is not a defined occasion, with borderlines or pennants or property made of literal natures. The word actually comes from a British geographer referred Halford Mackinder( a marvelous epithet ), who coined “heartland” in 1904 to describe one central part of pre-WWI Europe. So why do we use “heartland” in the present day, to describe an vistum of the U.S .? Is it to connote theories about it, without letting you consider those impressions on their merits? And are there other texts in our conversation that get abused the same channel?

On this week’s episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt sits down with Jason Pargin ( better known as David Wong) to explore the most celebrated oaths in the English usage that likewise trick us always. They’ll examine how hurling around the word “real” shambles with everything from our gender capacities to our dinner sheet to our politics. They’ll uncover the creepy acces certain names propel entire generations under the bus. And they’ll explore why logics like socialism and autocracy are making a resurgence in places like America’s Heartland( whatever the hell is ).

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chapter on “The Language of Tears” from The Tears Of Achilles by Hlne Monsacr( Harvard University Center for Hellenic Subject )

FDR Grew Up in a Dress: It Wasn’t Always Blue for Boys and Pink for Girls( The Atlantic )

Why Hemingway Expended to Wear Women’s Clothing( Mental Floss )

Fox News Keeps Accidentally Making Truly Good Debates for Socialism( GQ )

Three post-war radicals strove to establish the meaning of opennes( The Economist )

“The person who is viciously honest experiences the barbarism quite as much as the fidelity. Perhaps more.” — Richard J. Needham

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22 Liberating Truths That Will Change How You View Life

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Cataloged in Encouragement

22 Liberating Truths That Will Change How You Goal Life

1. Every moment is fleeting. None is restraining a detailed list of your most embarrassing mistakes or the most trivial of missteps. None will remember the worst thoughts you’ve said or the shivering of your hands when you said them. On the other entrust, you won’t fully enjoy the very best, simple-minded, and magical moments of today if your mind is always on the hypothetical terrified events of the future or how others assess your worth based on what you have failed to do.

2. The more you utilize your own willpower to engage the external measures of someone else’s explanation of success, the more “youve been” pushed back to where you started. The more you chase happens out of shortfall, the more resist you will face trying to achieve something you think you should lack( only because it would give you a “good reputation” and proof that you are somebody deserving to be admired ).

3. Perfection is paralyzing, but so is not having any points or touchstones. Both will lead to nowhere. Prepare a purpose, and don’t embellish it with details of steps that are out of your array. But don’t move it so low-spirited that you never flourish, learn, or develop yourself.

4. Fixation on attesting someone bad is the root of all agony, ego-based trauma, and emptiness. The more you try to attain success based on how much your pride was abused and injury when you were younger, the more storm and reprisal will exhaust you as you grow older, leaving you brittle, interrupted, and unhealed.

5. You cannot mold or contour your part future into an unionized bulleted list in your publication , no matter how much “youre trying to”( or how many sleepless darkness you invest reflecting over it ).

6. But you do need to make a realistic design with tiny, action-based paces that will help you achieve attainable destinations by a certain time .

7. Most of the time, nervousnes of riling others nurses you back from growing into a person that you want to become.

8. Harsh and remorseless life suffers are overrated. You do not is therefore necessary to put yourself through someone else’s afflictions or purposely jeopardize yourself or put your wellbeing at risk time to prove a point to those that adjudicate you as “sheltered, entitled, and naive.”

9. Nonetheless, life will give you tough instructions in the form of abandonment, collapse, and the shatter of your preconceived notions of the concepts of success and “making it” as young adults. And the only route to address these issues is to develop the tenacity, prudence, strategic gues, and deliberate actions to face them head-on.

10. Just because life is short, it doesn’t mean you should throw reason out the window and start indulging in damaging practices( like expend too much, devouring too much, devote all of your time on entertainment, falling in love with random strangers, and traveling without an aim) or do anything without any sort of purpose in mind.

11. Contentment is not conditional. Being content does not require a total shifting in external occasions or having everything become your route .

12. However, it’s regular to suffer displeasure with certain aspects of your life and you are able to strive to improve the quality of your life, specially if you aren’t compensated fairly, if you’re remaining depressed wherever you, if you have undesirable coping process that you want to stop relying on, if your old-fashioned ways and means to theory support you back, or if you feel like you don’t have enough time to pursue activities that bring you joy.

13. Dissatisfaction and unhappiness are not interchangeable. The onetime is rooted in wholeness. The latter is rooted in want and shortage. Wholeness builds upon itself, while shortage only inters you deeper into its gloom, empty-bellied pits.

14. You don’t be required to gleam the brightest. You don’t is essential to number 1. You don’t is essential to the trendsetter, the most enliven utopian, or the wisest oracle of the future. You don’t even is essential to the greatest at anything. But you do need to be category, submissive, and compassionate.

15. Life is simple, but you make it involved, stressful, and fear-inducing when you are overthink how others will react to “what youre doing”, mentally create a long listing of foolish details of things that could possibly go wrong, and debilitate yourself with the am concerned that the most dire sequel is guaranteed to happen.

16. You don’t need to be ready, over prepared, or knowledge to break into a brand-new itinerary. You merely need to start. And keep the momentum extending. No problem how slow or shortcoming your beginning may be.

17. If you’re expend your life trying to prove others that you are special and gain mass recognition, you are living an empty-bellied living and simply setting yourself up for collapse. Trying to be famous and splendid will only disillusion you because you’ll realize that the affection of a few people that really understand you is importance more than the worship of massive crowds.

18. Music is good for the mind. Listen, and actually listen , to it. Submerge yourself the tunes, the pattern, and the tales being told .

19. Speaking will improve the quality of your life and help you learn from other people’s life ordeals. And it is especially useful read books that structure you up and empower you to be more of yourself every day, in the most authentic way.

20. It is better stresses the importance of a few things that are most essential to you than to stretch yourself extremely thin and strive to earn the was approved by everybody and try to do everything all at once.

21. Some combats were never want for “youve got to” acquire or even contended in. You need to learn that in most duels, the second best thing to do is to capitulation. The first best thing to do is to never enter them in the first place and recognize that you don’t need to show off or demonstrate your backbone by fighting for what isn’t even meant to be yours. You are strong, regardless of how much or how little you struggle. Regardless of how many success or how many losses you’ve had.

22. You cannot reveal the future by recollecting or daydream about it or defining it based on your fondness. You cannot write your own culminating in a journal and expect it to be followed word-for-word. You cannot write a choru of your life and expect it to remain in tune. There will be catches, both fabulous and atrocious. Times will change, people will love you and divulge you the next day, and there may be a occasion when you get all that you want and still feel lonely, dreary, and hollow, just as you were before. That’s life. That’s reality. It isn’t and will never be excellent, but that is okay. Acquire it as it is and let go of the ideas of how you think life ought to be. And your life is likely to be the better for it. Flawed yet beautiful, broken yet stately, ordinary yet singular. But most of all, amply your own.

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This womans story shows how one organ donor could change the lives of a whole family.


Lauren was in her secondary school gym hopping tether when abruptly, she went into myocardial infarction.

“I recollect waking up in the ambulance, ” she says.

Lauren has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy( HCM ), a genetic condition that avoids the heart from pumping enough blood. This predicament has no cure and while numerous parties with HCM can live active living with very little manifestations or even no manifestations at all, others live with chest pain, soul palpitations, and dizziness during usage. It can also increase the dangers of abrupt congestive heart failure. In information, HCM is the leading cause of sudden congestive heart failure in young athletes.

Lauren at 29 years old. Image via LiveOnNY.

Lauren had been living with the condition since she was diagnosed at 12 years old — and it had already changed her life . Germinating up, she had tried just about every sport and softball was her obsession. HCM had meant that Lauren couldn’t be as active and stylish as she once had been, but she had been reluctant to give up on softball entirely.

“I remember crying, sidestepping medical doctors, please just let me play softball. Cause me at least have that, ” she says. So her doctor cleared her for some represent — sloping and playing outfield — but not for participating in the bases. She also had been told to watch from the sidelines during specific gym class activities, like kickball.

This was really hard for Lauren. She hated being on the sidelines.< strong> So, even though she knew it was dangerous, she continued to test her restrictions — that is until the working day when jumping tether landed her in research hospitals.

“From that target, I understood, ” she says. “I got the message that I can’t push myself.”

Eventually she gave up plays absolutely and focused on her education and move away from high school.

During her late teens and early 20 s, she continued having medical appointments to check on her HCM, and thoughts were going relatively well for a while. Also in her 20 s, she got married and afforded delivery to her daughter, Sophia .

Lauren, her husband, and her daughter Sophia. Image via LiveOnNY.

Everything changed again, though, when she was 28 and learned from a medical doctor that her feeling remedy wasn’t directing. She would need a middle displace to survive .

The news punched her and her family hard-boiled. They never expected her condition to get this bad. “Honestly, the implant was … never even on the radar, ” Lauren says.

“I just retain my dad leaving the room, ” she continues. “He never bawlings, and I remember him crying.”

Lauren and her family has got no idea when — or if — she’ll get the heart she necessary .

Lauren and Sophia. Image by Meraki Photo, Inc via Lauren, used with permission.

She is one of more than 116,000 people waiting for organ transplants nationwide and one of 4, 000 waiting for a new heart.

“The doctors tell me it could be tomorrow, or it could be a duo years, ” she says. “I only hope that it comes in time.”

Meanwhile, Lauren’s health is declining. She now has to stop and residue after even the simplest assignments, like wiping down her kitchen bar or facilitating Sophia tie her shoes.

But while she waits, she still finds ways to remain confident.

Lauren has decided to share her story with the organization LiveOnNY in order to assistance spread the word about organ subscription because if she can provoke even one person to register as a donor, it is able to save up to eight lives.

Sophia is 5 years old now, and her champagne temperament is a big help to Lauren.

“She facilitates me realize that there is an after and that life will be better, ” Lauren says.

Lauren and Sophia. Image via LiveOnNY

Every evening, Sophia likes to do what she announces “cuddle bugging, ” where she and her mummy watch a movie or represent a game together to wind down from the day.

Sophia also knows that Lauren needs the displace, and she’s eagerly waiting for it.

“Every time I go to the doctor, she’ll ever run up to me[ saying ], ‘Mommy, Mommy, did you get your new soul? ‘” Lauren says. “And I tell her, ‘No , not yet.'”

Sophia can’t wait for Lauren to affiliated her and her dad on their Sunday bike rides after the displace. And after insuring old-fashioned photos of Lauren toy softball, she requires her mummy to learn her how to continue.

Image via LiveOnNY

“The displace would mean life, ” she says . “I suppose when people think about organ gift they think of death, but in fact a big part of it is life … committing life to other people.”

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84-Year-Old Man Takes Up Make-Up Lessons After Discovering His Wife Was Going Blind


In a macrocosm where anyone seems to get divorced, it’s always rather touching to find a pair still in love after decades of wedlock. Mona and Des Manahan have been married for 56 times and have taken their commits to each other very seriously.

When it comes to enjoying one another in sickness and in the area of health, Des recently stepped up his recreation and travelled over and above for his wife, who is now slowly “losing ones” eyesight. Mona has difficulty putting on her makeup, so Des decided to take readings in order to help his wife. How sweetened is that?

Des and Mona, who are now in their 80 s, went to a Debenhams department store in their hometown of Waterford, Ireland when Mona decided to get a allure lesson from makeup master, Rosie O’Driscoll. It is here that Des began to watch the session, tantalizing O’Driscol that he could do Mona’s makeup better than she could.

Des told TODAY Style , “I started messing with her and I said,’ Look, you’ve got it crooked there, you did this wrong, ’ joking her. And then she exactly passed me the brushes and said,’ Well, you do it.’ So I started to do a little bit with it.”

When O’Driscoll passed him a turn, Des ceased up being quite good at applying his wife’s makeup and are recognizing that he enjoyed its own experience so much better so that he decided to return for more makeup courses in order to get better.

I tried to get through this interview with the amazing duo without exclaiming … but I only couldn’t …

Des now knows how to apply lipstick and crimson, and has become relatively good at doing Mona’s eyebrows. He too experiences experimenting with various techniques and often choice his own makeup products to apply.

However, Des still subscribes to the” less is more” regulation. “We definitely don’t go for any kind of heavy makeup of various kinds, ” he said. It sounds like he’s becoming a real pro!

“He came lesson after task after instruction, and adored every minute of it, ” O’Driscoll revealed. “I think he opts me to take a step back now and give him off, make him do whatever he wants to do, ” she contributed. However, O’Driscoll isn’t the only makeup creator Des has learned from.

After news of his heartwarming floor spread and extended viral, Des and Mona appeared on Ireland’s Late Late Show , and the UK talk show This Morning , as well as having done countless other interviews, which led to the couple’s story coming across the radar of notoriety makeup creator Mario Dedivanovic.

Dedivanovic has worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Chrissy Teigen. When he examined Des and Mona’s story he invited them both along with O’Driscoll to attend one of his masterclasses in London. He even posted on his Instagram account about the Manahans.

The masterclass happened in April and everyone had a wonderful go. “My heart felt so full learning them there in front of me, ” Dedivanovic gushed on Instagram.

Des and Mona certainly have an unbreakable and adoration alliance, which has only become stronger through their makeup discussions together. Now, they’ve added O’Driscoll into their lives as a close friend and the three of them do everything together.

” Everywhere we go, it’s Mona, Des, and Rosie, ” O’Driscoll said. “We go out for lunch, we go out for dinner … I think they rely on me now as a friend.”

Mona professed on This Morning that she is often asked how she relies Des to get her makeup just right. After all , not many partners would trust their partners to do their makeup for them. Nonetheless, Mona revealed that she doesn’t see a rationale not to rely her husband and that she’s just” delighted to sit down and have it done “.

It’s become a real bonding time for the pair and Mona said today when a duo gets to be their senility, it’s only natural to assist each other out. She says it’s not uncommon to notice other elderly duets playing tasks that perhaps the one marriage is unable to do for themselves anymore.

Des and Mona certainly are an inspirational duo and are perhaps the very likenes of the popular hashtag #RelationshipGoals. If merely I knew their secret, or perhaps it’s no secret at all but rather it’s about finding a caring and compassionate spouse who is strong enough for real commitment.

Ah yes, it seems that good men truly now existing. We wish all the best to Des and Mona. May we all someday know a kindnes like the one they have for one another.

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All The Times The Vanderpump Rules Cast Cheated Betches


In Los Angeles, there are a few things that are abundant. Sunshine, Botox, and crooks. It’s the ground of crushed hopes and illusions and beautiful people. Or actually, super skilled plastic surgeons. If the crazies on Vanderpump Rules taught us anything, it’s that somebodies are trash and confidence no one. I don’t know why any of them bother being in relationships or getting married–did you guys know you can just sleep with whoever you require and not even lie to anyone? It’s called being single. Try it. Anyway, here are all the times the Vanderpump Rules shoot chiselled on their significant others.


Stassi, the chin-implanted OG Queen of SUR, was a scapegoat of one of the biggest cheating scandals on world TV, thanks to her douchebag sweetheart at the time, Jax. His chiselling was so bad that it mars her perhaps emotional liaison she was having with complete sleaze Frank, another SUR lackey. Frank went on to share and attempt to sell a video of Stassi masturbating. What gems.


The original tycoon of f* cking up. Who hasn’t Jax slept with? After intensely rejecting misleading, we found that Jax < em> did impregnate a bottle busines waitress in Vegas while he was with Stassi. Crazily enough, that wasn’t even the biggest scandal of the season . Because that’s when we found out that Jax likewise slept with Kristen, Stassi’s best friend, and Jax’s best friend’s girlfriend. Yikes. But guess what people? Jax learns nothing. He then advances to frisk both Carmen and Tiffany. Then Tiffany journals him an magnificent paid-for trip-up to San Diego, where he sleeps with a rando there. Then he starts dating Brittany, which he lies about to Lala and says he wants to f* ck her( which I’m gonna go ahead and announce CHEATING ), and then he sleeps with fellow SUR employee Faith. And Brittany forgives him. And let’s be real, from what we’ve seen in season six, he isn’t even nice to Brittany. Jax, you’re super lucky you’re engaged to person as dumb sweet as Brittany because I would have castrated you .

Tom Sandoval

I don’t know how Sandoval gets away with so much. He is pretty much as slutty as Jax, but he’s so charming everyone time immediately forgives him. After Jax cheated with a bottle assistance waitress in Vegas, Sandoval did the same accurate stuff to Kristen right after. Then we found out he likewise misled on her with Ariana. They say they just kissed, which is still cheating, but leaved this guy’s track record, I will call bullsh* t on that. He can sleep with a rando waitress but not total babe Ariana who he apparently had sorrows for? Not buying it. I make, Kristen’s cheating was so much worse, it reached Sandoval look like the good guy here. When he starts dating Ariana, the trashiest litter West Hollywood has ever seen waltzes into SUR to claim that Sandoval slept with her in Miami. We’ll never know if Sandoval really hooked up with Miami Girl, but either way, he’s not an angel.

Tom Schwartz

Ah, Schwartzy. This adult baby has no business being married, specially due to the fact that he tends to get blackout liquor, sleep make out with randos, pour guzzles on beings, then contend he doesn’t remember anything. Let me tell you, Schwartz, if you move a drink on me, it’ll be the last circumstance you’ll ever do. Kristen claimed that Schwartz chiselled on Katie with two different girls, one has become a love of Tiffany’s who claims to have slept with him. Then Schwartz made out with one of Scheana’s friends. Then we find out that Tom again made out with a rando on a guy’s trip. IDK, I’m not a advocate, but when these countless cheating accusations come up, some of which he admitted to, I’m gonna say he did it. Good fluke with the marriage, though.


While we’re on the topic of Katie, considering she simply follows around Schwartz and cries, it seems like she’d have no other term for cheating. Nonetheless, according to Scheana, Katie apparently” motorboated some guy’s dick” wayyy back in season three. I don’t think this is a thing, but all the chaps were jumping all over her about it. Except for Schwartz, who in typical Schwartzy fashion DGAF. Did Katie cheat? I entail, I feel like this event happened, but it’s so weird, I’m not sure if it’s cheating. Sorry, Bubba.


We know Ariana misled with Sandoval while he was with Kristen, but I don’t think we’ve heard nothing about Ariana chiselling on him. Awarded, she predominantly follows him around weeping. Ariana, you used to be so cool. Don’t let a human do this to you.


Scheana’s biggest claim to fame isn’t her tragic singing career or Dead-Tooth-Gate, but the fact that she was one of Eddie Cibrian’s girlfriends while he was still married to Brandi Glanville. Dream large-hearted, daughter. She emphatically knew he was married with kids, so I do blame her for her involvement in this. She then proceeded to cry about how Brandi didn’t like her, even though she apologized. Like, Scheana. That’s fair. You f* cked the woman’s husband–one regret isn’t gonna unexpectedly start you besties. That’s not how the world manipulates. Too, I’ll take a pinot grigio.


Ah, Kristen. SUR’s resident psychopath. This is going to take a while. Let’s see. Kristen slept with Jax while dating his best friend Sandoval, and then proceeded to lie about it forever. Recently, James tweeted accusations that Kristen was a “lunatic” who” misleads around “. Like, are you astounded? Kristen perhaps cheats on Carter with Brittany( we’ll get at that later ). Then( again, maybe) “feel like i m cheating on” Carter with James in Mexico. So has Kristen certainly changed? I’ll let you all decide.


James and Kristen may secretly be soulmates, because oh my GOD, is this follower junk. I don’t even feel comfortable calling him a human. He’s also an adult baby. With crazy looks. James “feel like i m cheating on” Kristen with both Lala( who thought he was single) and Jenna, which he lied about to her face, and then announced they were” surely boning” in his interview. He also slept with Lala’s work friend while pursuing her, as confirmed by disgusting bite commemorates all over him. Then he cheats on his current lover, Raquel, with two onetime SUR works. Next, James has a suspicious rapport with his BFF Logan, who is obviously in love with him, and patently being led on. And to top it off, James perhaps misleads with Kristen, which we know thanks to some smoking pond floaties. Run, Raquel, flow. Also. Does he remind anyone else of one of the Muppets?


Before Lala was with Her Man, she used the main victims of being cheated with but she has yet to cheat on anyone to our knowledge. To is equitable, both Jax and James told her the latter are single when they engaged her, so she really isn’t to blame for any of that. Lala also told Katie when Schwartz make out with her friend. Who would have thought that Lala is the only one who truly GAF about Girl Code? Nonetheless, it soon came out when Lala started dating Her Man, Randall Emmett, that he had a bride and kids. It’s unclear if they were separated when he began his affair with Lala, but somehow I disbelieve it. He has now been divorced his wife and he and Lala are engaged.


In a v surprising spin, after being chiselled on and verbally abused by outraging scrap boyfriend, Jax, Brittany is rumored to have cheated on Jax with none other than Kristen . As LVP employs it, Jax accompanies in on Kristen” chowing down on Kentucky muffin “. In a style, I kind of think it’s entertaining, but also, Brittany, c’mon, “theres lots” of sizzling dykes in LA, you can totally do better. Brittany and Kristen disavow it happened, but like, that is a super creepy concept for Jax to make up. Even if it’s Jax.


Oh come on, LVP and Ken are total affair purposes and I would die if either of them ever cheated. Nonetheless, I also wouldn’t be surprised if they were secretly swingers. But LVP is faithful to our knowledge, although she does umpire all the cheating gossips and theatre with her foolish organization. What would we do without her phenomenal one-liners?

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Both low- and high-carb diets can raise risk of early death, study finds


Eating a moderate quantity of carbohydrates excellent for healthful lifespan, say researchers

Eating either a low-carb nutrition or a high-carb diet heightens the risk of an early death, according to a major brand-new subject which will dismay the many people who have trenched the likes of bread, rice and potatoes for weight loss or state reasons.

Researchers who pooled the results of eight massive examines have found that feeing a moderate sum of carbohydrates is best for a health lifespan. Less than 40% or more than 70% of calories from carbohydrates carried a higher risk of mortality.

Not all low-carb nutritions are equal, however. People who munch a great deal of flesh and fatties instead of carbohydrates, such as lamb, chicken, steak, butter and cheese, had a higher mortality jeopardy than those who got their protein and obesities from plant-based foods such as avocados, legumes and nuts. Popular weight loss diets such as Atkins and Dukan include a substantial amount of meat-based foods.

Quick guide

Carbohydrates in your diet

Low carb nutritions have become a trend. Trimming the carbs can lead to weight loss for a few weeks, but while there are bad carbs we don’t need, such as sugary potions and sugareds, “then theres” good “starchy” carbs that we do, because they are high in material and vitamins and minerals and apply us a slow and steady handout of energy throughout the day. These include wholewheat pasta and flour, veggies with their skins on, and beans and lentils.

Low carb diet

Low carb nutritions have become very popular for weight loss, but you are required to make up for the loss of crowding carbs with additional protein and solids. Low carb nutritions tend to advocate animal proteins and obesities, like steak and cheese. While they don’t include sugary plows and soft drinks, they are also frequently light on veggies and material. Popular low carb foods include: Atkins, Paleo, South Beach, Dukan and ketogenic.

High carb diet

Not a weight loss diet, clearly, but a way of life. The general food of parties in Asian countries, particularly those with low incomes, tends to be high in carbs because of the amount of white rice that is eat. Those in most affluent western countries who eat a great deal of carbs are likely to be overdoing the sugary guzzles and snacks.

Moderate carb diet

Most people in the western world get around half their calories from carbohydrates, which is how it should be, say nutritionists. That’s 50 -5 5% of your energy from carbs. The questions, nonetheless, is over which carbs the issue is. The famously healthful Mediterranean diet, for example, includes lots of fibre-rich entire grains and beans. A diet in which the carbs come from biscuits and soft drinks and has little real in the way of fresh fruit and veg is not good, however moderate the carbohydrate intake is.

” Low-carb diets that supersede carbohydrates with protein or fatty are gaining widespread popularity as a state and weight loss strategy ,” said Dr Sara Seidelmann, a clinical and research colleague in cardiovascular drug from Brigham and Women’s Hospital inBoston, who led the research published in the Lancetpublichealth publication.

” However, our data suggests that animal-based low-carbohydrate nutritions, which are prevalent in The americas and Europe, might be associated with shorter overall life span and should be discouraged. Instead, if one chooses to follow a low-carbohydrate food, then exchanging carbohydrates for more plant-based obesities and proteins might actually promote healthy ageing in the long term .”

Seidelmann, who is both a cardiologist and a nutritionist, told the Guardian the team had produced a substantial body of work” to thoroughly answer a question and not simply specify merely one case of the picture “.

” Nutrition is high up on everybody’s imagination but there is such confusion about what we should gobble. One period, research studies is coming out said today high carb is better, another period a study is telling us low-toned carb is better .”

Trials to compare low-carb and high-carb foods instantly are not possible, because they have to be is currently conducting over many years and beings find it hard to stick to a nutrition over any span of duration. Instead, her crew carried out observational study with more than 15,400 people, aged 45 to 64, from diverse socio-economic backgrounds from four US communities who were enrolled in the atherosclerosis jeopardy in communities consider. Those beings filled out questionnaires on their eating structures on two openings, six years apart. Their state was followed up for 25 times, allowing for causes that might alter the results, such as smoking, income and diabetes.

These answers were pooled with seven other observational contemplates carried out across the world, implying a total of more than 430,000 people.

They found that 50 -year-olds gobbling a moderate carb diet, with half their vigor coming from carbohydrates, had a further life expectancy of 33 times, which was four years longer than those on low-carb diets and one year longer than those who ate a high-carb diet.

The scribes said they could not substantiate cause and effect, because of the nature of the studies. However, they said people who adopted western-type foods that heavily inhibited carbohydrates often chew fewer veggies, fruit, and cereals and more animal proteins and overweights. Some of those animal products have been implicated in stimulating inflammatory pathways, biological ageing and oxidative stress, and could be a contributing factor to the increased risk of mortality.

High-carb nutritions are common in Asian and poorer societies, “theyre saying”, where people feed a lot of polished carbohydrates such as white-hot rice. Those also contribute to a chronically high-pitched glycaemic load and worse metabolic outcomes.

” These determines bring together various strands that have been contentious. Too much and too little carbohydrate can be harmful but what weighs most is the type of paunch, protein, and carbohydrate ,” said Walter Willett, a prof of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health and the co-author of the study.

Low-carb foods are favourite for weight loss since they are project quite well in the short term, said Seidelmann, and they are generally meat-based. The subject was not set up in a way that would make it possible to liken moderate carb with low-carb plant-based diets but, said Seidelmann,” the more plant-based[ the diet was ], the lower the mortality “.

” No aspect of nutrition is so heatedly quarrelled on social media than the carb versus solid debate, despite the long term suggestion on health benefits firmly supporting the higher carb statement ,” said Catherine Collins, an NHS dietitian.

The” cult of low-pitched carb high-pitched overweight gobbling” was based on a lifestyle choice and the flimsiest of testify, she said. Its followers were” at odds with recommendations from WHO and government health bodies globally- including the UK’s Public Health England- that recommend a carb intake to provide around half our daily calorie needs “.

She added that it the findings and conclusions raise questions about the present hyping of low-carb diets for parties with diabetes.” The feting and promoting GPs promoting often bizarre low carb nutritions to cope diabetes has gained much media traction ,” she said.” If nothing else, such studies offer some redress to this one-sided debate, and contributes caution to such practice for long term administration .”

In a commentary in the periodical, Dr Andrew Mente and Dr Salim Yusuf, from McMaster University in Canada, said it was not possible to rule out completely all the factors that might skewed the results, but that the findings and conclusions were that logical and moderate carbohydrate uptake was likely to be better for beings than low-spirited or high-carb diets.

” Essential nutrients should be ingested above a minimum position to avoid defect and below a maximal degree to avoid toxicity. Such an approach maintains physiological processes and health( ie, a so-called sugared smudge ). Although carbohydrates are technically not an essential nutrient( unlike protein and solids ), a certain extent is possibly must be in accordance with short-term energy requisitions during physical pleasure and to maintain flab and protein uptakes within their respective sweetened spots ,” they wrote.

Read more: https :// www.theguardian.com/ lifeandstyle/ 2018/ aug/ 16/ both-low-and-high-carb-diets-can-raise-risk-of-early-death-study-finds

Had a fun, food filled weekend but I’m ready to get back on track!


This weekend was a huge mental hurdle for me and I’m earnestly proud of myself. My sister got married on Friday so I promised myself I wouldn’t track calories( in MFP or mentally because sometimes I’ll find myself doing the mental math) and just enjoy the time with my SO and family. I felt myself starting to get a little obsessive and I don’t want that to continue. I had behavior too many vodka sodas and ate lane too much cake but I had so much better fun I wasn’t even thinking about the calories. The following nighttime my mama made a big batch of her homemade lasagna and I was happy to eat freely and just enjoy more occasion with their own families. All the while, I was snacking on leftover food and cake from the wedding without a care in the world.

This is how I would’ve devoured in the past but it was an everyday thing. Now, because of the changes in my lifestyle, this weekend actually felt like a true-blue treat and I enjoy every moment instead of eating, feeling guilty, self-loathing recur. I also noticed that I cannot eat nearly as much as I used to be able to without feeling very, very sick. And it had been months since I’d had dairy and my belly was certainly feeling the effects. This showed me how much I was truly mistreating my torso with meat. It was a reminder that this new lifestyle I’ve created is merit not devouring cake and lasagna everyday.

I am excited to be back on my IF eating schedule today. I’m agitated to keep mis load and prevent learning about myself and my form. I’m happy to say a few days of careless eating is not going to deter my progression, but at the same period I am mentally strong enough to realize that weight-loss would not ought to have merit missing out on this fun weekend. I eventually feel like I’m achieve these goals #balance everyone says is key. I think it’s genuinely thanks to this sub so I just want to say thanks to everyone who posts their successes and their slip-ups and their large and small success! It genuinely builds everything there is most simple!

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You can pass countries around the world free of charge if you’re willing to Snapchat


Are you an expert Snapchatter? There is also available journey in you future thanks to your selfie prowess. WOW Air is looking to hire prolific snappers to roam the world for free and document the whole event on Snapchat.

The budget-friendly, Icelandic airline is searching for a lineup of Snap-happy jetsetters that it calls SnapTravelers, who will be given the opportunity to travel to four members of WOW Air’s 28 destinations. Included in the options are municipalities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, and San Francisco. Where the travelers run will be chosen at random.

The trip-ups will take place between June and August of the summer months, and will be all-expenses paid; everything from the flight to the hotel to the activities will be on WOW Air’s dime, with a built-in travelling payment included as well.

While on the floor in the cities, the SnapTravelers will be required to partake in two Snapchat-worthy pleasures over the course of their remain, which will last between three and eight epoches. The airline will decide what the activities are, though it fosters the travelers to render promptings as to what they’d like to do.

There’s an awful mint of dominance over its own experience being held by the airline, but since the company is paying for every facet of the trip it’s understandable.

WOW Air isn’t the first travel-centric company to espouse folks with active social media spirits in hopes of turning their inclination to document everything into publicity. A eatery in the United kingdom government tolerated patrons to pay their greenback by posting their meal on Instagram; similarly, a hotel in Australia helped Instagram virtuosoes with more than 10,000 partisans to stay free of charge.

If you want a shot at becoming one of the SnapTravelers, you still have some time; applications must be submitted by May 8, 2016. Prospective snappers will have to submit a two-minute Snapchat Story to submit, along with social media handles.

H/ T Business Insider

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