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Totally normal dad Will Smith found a new way to embarrass Jaden


Image: Ilya S. Savenok/ Getty Images for Samsung

Playing barber is a great father-son activity. Just ask Will and Jaden Smith.

Will demo his mane chipping talents while chopping off Jaden‘s dreads in preparation for an upcoming movie character. The Fresh Prince idol proved off the process on Facebook, writing, “Getting Jaden Smith ready for the first day of filming #LifeInAYear…maybe I shouldve exploited scissors ?! ”

It seems like Will wasn’t content with exactly cutting off his son’s mane, he also wanted to see what he would look like with blonde dreadlocks.

This beautiful father-son moment also gave us best available reaction meme to give when our mothers are embarrassing us. Thanks, Will. Sorry, Jaden.

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LeBron James Plans Ohio Public School For At-Risk Kids


Basketball superstarLeBron Jamesplans to open a public academy in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, for students at risk of falling behind in academics.

The I Promise School will open for rudimentary students in the fall of 2018 with carry from James family foundation, according to proposes discovered on Tuesday.It proposes classifies for students in third and fourth tiers during its first year, and will expand to include tiers 1 though 8 by 2022.

The school will draw students who are at-risk in reading and who are in need of additional academic intervention before falling greatly behind their peers, the LeBron James Family Foundation said in a statement.

James, the Cleveland Cavaliers star forward, was raised by a single mother. He entered the NBA in 2003 after developing as a basketball phenom at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron.

Jamesspoke about the school at an contestTuesday in an historical Akron theater. Even though I was underprivileged, he announced, he was lucky to grow up with instructors, his mother and close friends.

They would not let me get off course, he said.A lot of the children I see today in the community and all over the world are not luck enough to have the same instructors and the same parties around that can help their fantasies become reality.

The I Promise School aimed at providing a caring medium for those individuals who shortfall steering, James said.

We clearly understand how important it is to create an environment where our most defied and at risk students experience safe, substantiated an cared for, announced Akron Public Schools Superintendent David James at the contest as a wall of adults in We are household T-shirts stood on stage.

A formal suggestion for the school will be presented for school board permission in October.

James has previously offered Akron children educational opportunities.He created 1,100 full-tuition fellowshipsin 2015 to the University of Akron for teenages who ended an I Promise curriculum that included destinations for attending and grades.

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US intelligence intercepted communications between Syrian military and chemical experts


( CNN) The US military and intelligence community has intercepted communications peculiarity Syrian military members and chemical experts talking about preparations for the sarin assault in Idlib last week, a elderly US official tells CNN.

The wiretaps were part of an immediate review of all intelligence in the hours after the two attacks to demonstrate responsibility for the use of chemical weapons in an attack in northwestern Syria, which killed at least 70 beings. US officials have said that there is “no doubt” that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the attack.

The US did not know prior to the attack it was going to happen, government officials underscored. The US scoops up such a large volume of communications intercepts in areas like Syria and Iraq, information materials often is not processed unless there is a particular affair that requires analysts to go back and look for supporting knowledge material.

BlackBerrys stock had a great day after the company won a big dispute with Qualcomm


Earlier today, BlackBerrys stock hit its highest point more than a year, and all it took was a shoddy $814.9 million arbitration acquire. Its a healthy bounce back for the embattled corporation, which has invested the past year implemented in order to make a major alteration from all-in phone make to software and services company.

But while shareholders are likely pleased, BlackBerry no doubt would have very its stock hit its highest level in 15 months due to, read, a new products or services, but, well, you make what you can get.

The 16 -percent surge entered on the heels of information that the Canadian portable corporation was being awarded a big part after a on-going fight with Qualcomm over patent royalties. The last period BlackBerry saw a hump like thiswas courtesy ofnews that its firstly Android-powered smartphone, the Priv had sold out of innumerable large-hearted chest stores.

Of course, a lot has changed for the company in that time. Its since shifted to licensing its symbol to creators like TCL, who the hell is remaining the one mightyname alive through machines like the KeyOne. The succes does render some revelation into the freshly focused corporation, as well as notching up yet another chip of bad news for chipmaker Qualcomm , which has suffered a fibre of overthrows with determining forms across the globe, together with on-going debates with one-time allies like Apple.

Qualcomm issued a answer that that it does not agree with the decision, but have also pointed out that, it is binding and not appealable. The San Diego-based processor makes inventories took a tumble in accordance with the news.

BlackBerry is expected to use the big honor to bolster its business through buys, as it continues to adjust its overall focus in portable security and automotive.

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Google released a new Pixel film and it’s going viral


Google’s brand-new video to promote the Pixel phone in India is quite popular with 15 million views across Facebook and YouTube.

The film starring popular Indian writer-columnist Mrs. Funnybones focuses on the all-round utility of Google Assistant the feature integral to the Pixel device.

A # DayWithPixel traces the life of its protagonist( “comedian, restaurant hunter, selfie-taker” as Google India announced her in a tweet) in her various seeks from business finds and restaurant dinners to fitness numbers and family period all made smooth by her smart assistant on the phone.

This could well be Google’s last try at propagandizing the Pixel in India where it has struggled to pick up owing to its prohibitive pricing.

Have you looked the cinema hitherto?

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You can now ask your Google Home for flight prices


Image: lili sams/ mashable

Google Home wants to help record your next flight. You can now find flights and track their pricing immediately with your expres via the connected speaker.

Google announced the facet on Wednesday. Supposing something like “OK Google, how much are flights to Mumbai? ” will start moving best available flight premiums for that route. The Assistant will respond with some price information materials and ask you if “youve had” dates in mind.

You can opt in to moving premiums for the cheapest flights at which point you’ll receive email proof and can then control your tracked flights through Google Flights. You will then continue to receive email updates from Google flights.

Image: google

The feature is a nice touch if you often find yourself at home, amazing how much a flight payments but don’t feel like examining your telephone. However, Google Home’s core functionality still has some breaches. For instance, the design cannot add reminders or contests to your docket. Ask Google home to remind you to do something, and it will tell you that it doesn’t patronage reminders yet.

Home has had other issues. Before even ramping up basic functionality, Google has begun introducing sponsored content like ads for Beauty and the Beast that the company insisted were not ads but a “tale” from the sponsors of the draft resolution. The corporation also recently switched Home’s shopping-list function from Google Keep to the Home app, and added propels to Google Express at the same term( see note below ).

Flight info is a accepted facet, but Google Home might have better prosperity luring customers if it computes features that Google’s audience applies every day.

Update 4/12/ 17, 3:13 p.m. ET :< em> Google articulates Home’s shopping list doesn’t have ads it simply allows people to tell off of their register, beginning with the Google Express brokers .

Correction 5:06 p.m. ET :< em> An earlier form of this story said here facet was already part of Google Assistant on phones. It was not, but it may have been available in beta versions of the application .

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Kylie Jenner Thinks She’s Too Good For ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’


Love them or detest them, the Kardashian/ Jenners are like the herpes of pop culture: they never fucking go forth. You can thank/ expletive whoever induces the decisions at the E! Network, because another spin-off is calling our route the summer months. This time, Kylie is going her own spin-off indicate announced because I suspect reeling your eyes and affirming reconstructive surgery rumors on isn’t enough for her anymore and somehow authorizes a separate indicate. Were not super impressed with the list, mainly because we were hoping for a lip pack pun, but it induces sense that they chose a designation as bland as she is. Then again, were they going for a note? An Oscar-winning book-turned-movie, this bitch is not.

The network said in a statement that the indicate are as follows Kylie as she You might not like her, but girl has definitely gotten a lot of approvals under her region for someone who still cant legally drink and has never attended real school. I personally feel like “television star” is a bit pre-emptive since this sequence is simply eight occurrences, but okay. And too, “author”? Are they talking about the 2014 dystopian YA novel she “wrote” with Kendall, ? Because if so, the rules for being called an “author” are too low. In all such cases, am I an scribe because I handwrote a small journal in first point about the time I lost my first tooth? I can guarantee you more people read journal than Kylie’s book, so I will patiently await my spin-off show.

Kylie called the show a docu-series in a tweet, which is really merely a fancy word for reality show that may or may not be cancelled after 5 occurrences. Were mostly expecting the indicate to be like her Snapchat floors but filmed on a somewhat nicer camera. Hopefully with less moaning. There is likely to be lots of cheek equipment, lots of her macabre hounds, and lots of lumping Tyga in a Ferrari. Can’t wait. She also said the last couple times have been an incredible jaunt, which know it sounds right devoted how much work shes had done. I make, the girl has come a long way 😛 TAGEND

In case youre wondering, this will be the EIGHTH spinoff of. E! might be trying to compensate for, which patently wont be going two seconds season, unless they want to do a True Crime series about what really happened when Chyna stole Rob’s Eggos, which in fact seems amazing as I’m typing it. Either route Kylie will definitely be pleased with herself. I make, more pleased to see herself than she is on a regular basis, which is actually kind of a difficult accomplisment.

At this site, Kendall will be the only sister who hasnt performed in a spinoff, which necessitates this will be the first time Kylie has ever had something that Kendall doesnt. Its okay, she stands hectic, you know, treading in Paris fashion week, being on the make of and solving police cruelty through the influence of Pepsi. Shell be fine.

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Shanay Walker abuse death: School and care workers criticised – BBC News

Image copyright Nottinghamshire Police
Image caption Shanay Walker was described as a “lively, bubbly” youth

Teachers and social charge staff did not show fairly “professional curiosity” in a girl who died after years of corruption by her aunt, a serious instance evaluate said.

Shanay Walker, 7, died from a intelligence harm at a house in Nottingham in July 2014 while in Kay-Ann Morris’s care.

Morris was later cleared of assassination after a inquiry at the city’s crown courtroom but jailed for child cruelty along with Shanay’s grandmother, Juanila Smikle.

The review resolved Morris had “deceived countless professionals”.

Shanay was placed under her aunt’s care in 2012 after her mother, Leanne Walker, sustained post-natal depression.

The report found in the two years leading up to her death, bruising and harms sustained by the child were clarified apart by her aunt as incidental or research results of self-harm.

Image copyright Nottinghamshire Police
Image caption Kay-Ann Morris and Juanila Smikle were found guilty in 2015 of cruelty to Shanay

It echoed a coroner’s commentary of Southglade Primary School’s child safeguarding arrangings, describing them as “chaotic” and “at times unclear”.

Early very concerned about harms and bruising reported by teachers and assistants were held in handwritten records by the auxiliary manager but were destroyed when a new structure was introduced.

‘Uncritical acceptance’

There was also “considerable tension” within the school’s safeguarding unit and staff members were left find “confused” after being reorganised, the report said.

The same time Shanay was treated in infirmary for a sunburn to her leg, which her aunt pronounced was caused by her deliberately standing in front of a heater.

The report criticised medical staff for their “uncritical acceptance” of Morris’s account and failure to reflect on the likelihood of a six-year-old girl engaging in this type of behaviour.

Image copyright Family Handout
Image caption Shanay’s mother Leanne Walker sustained post-natal feeling after the other pregnancy

Chris Cook, chair of the Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Board, pronounced: “Whilst professionals definitely had Shanay’s well-being at heart, with potential benefits of hindsight it is clear they could have exposed more professional interest about issues and incidents which rose.

“However, as the coroner acknowledged, it remains the instance that they could not have predicted the sad outcome for Shanay.

“We have made recommendations to address issues around identifying and reacting to possible self-harm and non-accidental harms among children, reacting appropriately to other health issues and ensuring that the role of academies in safeguarding infants is recognised and are incorporated into multi-agency practice.”

“We are satisfied that appropriate changes is currently in the process or have been implemented and that all agencies would now be more focused on how their collective activities wallop and benefit the child.”

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Chips new chatbot app points the way to plugin banking


When London fintech startup Chip launched late last year, the companys eyesight was something a lot more ambitious than a simple micro savings app delivered through a millennial-friendly chatbot. Instead, the mean was always to become a fully-fledged banking app that plugs into your subsisting bank account and includes a raft of brand-new functionality to assist you perform the most of your fund. A substantial modernize to Chip reeled out today begins to see that end become a reality.

In addition to helping you save big potties of fund based on what Chips AI together with access to your historic busines data deems you can open, the chatbot app has added spending insights and a adroit brand-new feature to help you pay off your overdraft. Im likewise told the company plans to launch Smart Credit afterward this year to change your banks overdraft equipment altogether.

Chip is the plugin sketching app that sits on top of your current account and does the things that actually help you with your fund, the startups CMO Alex Latham tells me. We are tackling three of the most serious problem young people front: the inability to save money, certain difficulties of moving spend[ and] the problem of get stuck in a hertz of obligation and paying a fee for it.

Specifically, Chips brand-new pay off your overdraft feature based on the principle that countless parties dont consider an overdraft as obligation, in part because it is marketed by banks as available funds and, because it doesnt sit separate from your main bank poise, is almost indistinguishable from your own cash.

Chips first step to help people with their overdraft is to let them save to get out of it. By its very nature, you dont actively compensate it back, you are able to aim to go little overdrawn this month than last month. But all the while, your bank account shows your overdraft as available balance it was therefore feels like the money is yours, and get out of that hertz is incredibly difficult, answers Latham.

To counter this, Chip alerts you if you are into your overdraft and causes you know the average amount you acquire each month and what it is costing you. It then places its savings algorithm to operate the same one that powers the existing micro-savings functionality with the goal designed to strengthen savings equal to your average monthly overdraft. Once this objective is makes, “you think youre” caused to clear your overdraft in its entirety.

The user has the option to save with Chip while overdrawn, putting aside a little bit of fund every few periods until they have enough saved up to pay off all of their overdraft obligation in one extend. Chip then apprise the user and pays them the option to lodge fund back into their chequing account. Goodbye overdraft !.

Meanwhile, Smart Credit, who the hell is pegged to launch in July, will attempt to wean you off an overdraft equipment exclusively by essentially supplanting it, albeit with a less expensive and more practicable formation of ascribe. According to the company, the room it will work is as follows 😛 TAGEND

Every time your current account balance discontinues below 0, Chip instantly lades your current account with 100 of Smart Credit. The fund is yours and Chip gives people all relevant considerations there is a requirement invest reasonably, at your digit tips.

Smart Credit refunds itself automatically at a proportion you dont seem. It uses the Chip algorithm to analyses your business and gradually repays what you owe. You dont is a requirement to do anything.

If youre having an expensive week, Chip knows and offer back little. If you can afford to pay back a little bit more, Chip will increase your refunds automatically.

Everything Chip does is located around these three fundamental problems which we face and offering a better UX for your fund, all in a slick chatbot boundary, includes the Chip CMO. We strongly think that the answer to these problems come from a better banking app which doesnt army you to change bank.

In other paroles, according to Chip, plugin banking is where fintechs future lies.

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Thanks Qatar Airways, you just ruined United trolling


United Airlines deserves the abuse, but from who ?

Image: AP/ REX/ Shutterstock

Good one, Qatar Airways, youve united* sneer *… to accommodate fares and your app Doesnt support drag and descend. You are exhilarating .

Congratulations on your tweet. It symbolizes the United Airlines trolling has officially jump-start the shark.

I get it. When United dragged a passenger literally kicking and bawling off one of its flights, it screwed up, big time. It couldnt even get it myriad non-apology defenses right. It deserves to be dragged and trolled. And it has been, gloriously.

Qatar Airways, based in Qatar, which sits between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, has expanded internationally in recent years( it has 150 world ends) and is trying to compete with large-hearted boy airlines like United Airlines any lane it can.

Its digital, the app is very. Nonetheless, the app inform in the tweet Qatar sent out on Wednesday may be some ingeniou Photoshop work.

And, oh yes, Qatar is being ingeniou, and using United Airlines majestic mistake to beep its own tusk and promote a big advertisement on April 24.

Seriously? Trolling United and self-promotion all in one icky tweet?

Obviously, Qatar is just doing a little bit of piling on. I want, everyone is trolling United and some expertly so.

The good of them, though, are from regular people, reporters, and humorists like Jimmy Kimmel. Should another airline genuinely be joining in?

What if tomorrow, someone goes dragged off a Qatar Airways flight, or worse?

I retain thinking of another airline, Qantas, that humbly operated for decades without an aircraft hurtle. No airline would be insensitive enough to troll another airline for a misfortune like that, but Qantas was also smart enough to never explicitly tout its own safety account. I belief most people were unaware of it until the 1988 movie Rain Man , where Dustin Hoffman’s autistic attribute refused to move any other airline than Qantas because it never crashed.

Point is, firebrands should ever hesitate to point out participating firebrands omissions on the off luck that they lose the same fate.

When some Samsungs Galaxy Note7 smartphones blew up last year , not a single other handset creator talked opening about it. Chief competitor Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook, never publicly mentioned it.

Clearly, they could have. Apple could have created a funny TV ad, tweet or even made an offhand epigram on stage while launching the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. They didnt because it would not have helped Apple.

You might think thats miraculous after Samsung trolled Apple during the course of its Note7 opening for stopping the 3.5 mm jack from smartphones, while the ill-fated Note7 still had it. But its not, because its fine to troll a competitor on aspect gaps and quarrels surrounding definite concoction decisions( like the headphone jack ). A violent events that is more anomaly than service is not, for a competitor, troll-worthy

If there is a finite amount of good will for any market or label list to go around, then United Airlines lost most of it on April 10. No other airline had to do anything to collect it. They amassed it up simply by not being United.

Qatar Airways straining itself to be pun at Uniteds expense and blatantly promoting an upcoming advertisement likely drains apart some of that free goodwill and displacements it to other, silent airline competitors.

Im not arguing that there is no minute when firebrands cant engage in public discussions, but they are always razzing a razor’s rim. On one place is recognition of humanity and cleverness and the other is another blade that will chip them as seriously as if they were the ones at the centre of a typically negative national fascination.

When the sunrises unusually shut off during the course of its 2013 Super Bowl, Oreo Cookies implemented an amazing instantaneous action tweetthat was both on-brand and stupendous pun. It was human and smart.

Surely there was a risk in doing this. What if someone had been hurt when the sunrises to turn? No one was and instead we all watched our TV screens with fascination and speculated, What the hell is going on? Oreo reminded us We can still dunk in the dark. At that minute, Oreo was us and it won the label Olympics for instantaneous reactions.

Qatar Airways’ tweet reaches periods and numerous smart and funny reactions after the United Airlines happen. Its not a action, its a forecast and a poverty-stricken one at that.

The only good stuff to come out of it is that, at least I hope, everyone knows that United Drag and Drop hot takes and trolling have jump-start the shark. Time to move on.

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